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Anglo settlers to Texas weren't the only Mexican citizens upset in 1835. Quite a few areas of Mexico were in open revolt. Santa Ana had abrogated the 1821 Mexican Consstitution. This is why you will see Mexican flags with an 1821 on them, it was the bearers way of saying that the government should uphold the Constitution. They were upset, because Santa Anna and the Mexican government had locked Stephen F. Austin up.

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Q: Why were settlers from the US now Mexican citizens upset with the Mexican government in 1835?
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What brought American settlers into conflict with the Mexican government?

Americans resented following Mexican laws; also, few Americans spoke Spanish, and they were angry that documents had to be in that language. Slave owners were upset when Mexico outlawed slavery in 1829.

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What did Edwards try to do that upset Cherokee and Mexican families in east Texas?

what did edwards try to do that upset cherokee and meican families in east texas

Why were Texans upset with the Mexican government?

Texas was basically made up of immigrants from the USA and Europe. Well, The texans were frustrated with the mexican government because all the documents were in Spanish and their right were taken away and then in fear of the texans rebelling they made immigration illegal and put taxes on them so now they were really angry and they also put Austin in prison.

What cause did ned kelly fight for?

Ned Kelly fought for Ned Kelly. He was upset at his treatment by the government of the day. He was upset about the corruption of a local magistrate and was upset at the harsh judgments handed down to his mother. He was supported by other settlers who shared his concerns. He was betrayed by a friend whom he then killed and also shot and killed police officers. His last words were "Such is Life" prior to being hanged.

Why did American settlers in Texas get into conflict with Mexico in the 1820?

American settlers in Texas were upset with Mexico because they did not like following Mexican laws and dealing with documents that were Spanish. also the Mexicans outlawed slavery in Texas. (5-6-13) There were no "Americans" in Texas in 1820. Mexico won independence from Spain in 1821, and soon allowed US settlers into Texas, the first settlers from the US arrived in1822. The only "conflict" in the 20s was over the permission to settle which had been granted by Spain in 1820 to Moses Austin and if the permission still held under independent Mexico, logically it did not, but Mexico passed a General Colonization Act allowing US settlers. A minor conflict was over how much power the persons granted land by Mexico to then sell to settlers had over that land and settlers. The colonies were far from Mexican centers of government, and those land grantees, called empresarios, basically acted as the government over their grants. As time went on the empresarios governed more as if they were under US laws than Mexican. Early on this was no problem for Mexico, mostly due to communications over the distance. But later as more settlers arrived and the way of life became less Mexican, including Official State Religion, and more American, including following the long standing American traditions of slavery, standing armed citizen militias, and Steven Austin's creation of a roving para-military, the Rangers, and as communication improved the conflicts increased. In the late 20s and early 30s the Mexican government made changes in the laws to gain more control over Texas and bring it back in line with national values which soon brought the conflicts to a head.

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Effects of the Texas revolution?

The Texas Revolution was the war for independence from Mexico; it began in 1835. The colonists first created the Republic of Texas, and eventually, in 1845, the United States annexed Texas as a state. Prior to the annexation, a growing number of American pioneers had settled in the territory, soon outnumbering the Mexican residents. The American settlers were in favor of the annexation, while the Mexican residents of Texas were not. In addition to Texas becoming a part of the United States, another effect was that the Mexican government was very upset to lose what it believed to be Mexican territory; in 1846, a war between the United States and Mexico broke out. The Mexican-American War went on for two years before the U.S. triumphed and a treaty was signed between the two countries.

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