Why were slaves whipped?

Updated: 8/23/2023
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because of their behavior problem.

They were most often whipped because they made a mistake in their work, but they were also whipped badly if they ran away

slaves were whipped for different reasons sometimes just out of pure cruelty other times to punish them for not doing their work in the fields, for stealing from the white man, for learning to read or write, for slacking on their day jobs, for trying to escape, for singing, for talking out of turn in front of the white man and sometimes they were whipped to show the other slaves what could happen if they were to misbehave.

Take Harriet Tubman for example she was whipped o badly at sevewn years old because she didnt kn0ow how to take care of a baby. And she didnt know how to dust. Everytime the wmans baby cried Harriet was whippeed. She was whipped so badly it left permanent welts on her body.

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slaves were most likely beat because they did not work or because they were mostly doing something wrong.

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becaus they will try to run away or dis obey

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a swith uasly but anything cruel and painful enough they usally got killed beat or no food after running away or doing something "bad"

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Q: Why were slaves whipped?
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How many times did Harriet Tubman get whipped?

Someone gave you the wrong idea. Slaves were not generally whipped. They were treated better than that. Their owners wanted their slaves to work for them with a minimum of fuss. You do not whip a horse or a dog if you want them to work for you. The only dogs that anyone whips are the dogs that fight in pits. Slaves that are whipped make lousy workers. Dogs that are whipped don't hunt. Horses that are whipped do not pull plows, or do not do a very good job of it. Instead, when your horse is sick, you call the vet, and when your slave is sick, you call the doctor. Your slave like your horse had an adequate diet. You got the good part of the ham, he got the stringy part. It was just as nourishing. You got the best strawberries. He got the ones with rotten spots. You had the big comfortable house. He had the small crowded cabin. Both had heat in winter. Only if he threatened you or tried to escape and was caught was he whipped. Otherwise, you treated him like you would any other prized work animal.

Why didn't African slaves fight back the English?

Because the slaves were whipped, tortured, or killed when they tried to. Just think of the fear you'd feel if you were whipped just because you talked back.

Who worked for no wages to pay their way to the colonies?

The slaves were people who were forced to work for their owners. If they didn't or if they ran away they got whipped.

What happened if slaves tried to run away?

If slaves tried ran away or tried to make an attempt to run away, they would be punished . Most people say they were whipped or were not fed food for days or had to do more work around the area.

How white people treted black in the old days?

they whipped them for punishments and enslaved them to do plantation work, work around the house, work. anything that white people didnt want to do they would enslave or buy a slave from a slaveowner or slave merchant to do for them. white people also are now called "crackers" for cracking the whip on the "blackies". The above answer is incorrect. It is a common misconception that the slave master whipped the slaves while they were in the fields. The masters would promote the most competent slaves to the role of overseer, who would be in charge of keeping order on the plantation. The white plantation owner was far too rich or self-righteous to actually go out into the field and whip slaves. It was the higher ranking slaves that whipped the lower ranking slaves in order to receive better treatment from the plantation owner. Hence the term makes no sense. It was fellow black slaves who whipped the slaves. It would defeat the purpose of having slaves do your work for you if you if you were just going to be in the fields all day whipping them. Most extremely liberal textbooks try to paint a picture of an evil white plantation owner and master whipping their slaves, though this is completely inaccurate. And I am a liberal democrat, I am not trying to be racist or anything. This blatant misunderstanding is rather annoying.

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How was slaves whipped?

Slaves were whipped by their masters and they were whipped when they misbehaved or tried to escape. They were also whipped when they didn't do the right thing the owner told them to do.

What was the punishment for cruel and unusual punishment of slaves?

slaves get whipped and beaten

When slaves were whipped what human was being denied to the slaves?

When slaves were whipped, there were many human life rights that were being denied to the slaves. These rights included the right to liberty, due process, and the rights to security.

How where slaves punished?

they were whipped or brutally beaten.

How were slaves in America punished?

They were beaten and whipped.

What if the slaves don't listen to their master?

they get killed or whipped

What did the slave owner's family do for fun?

they whipped there slaves

What punishments did slaves on plantations have?

they had to get whipped, pull crops and etc

How did slaves get battered?

They got hit, whipped, attacked and harmed.

What punishments were used to make sure that slaves did their jobs?

They were Whipped

When slaves where whipped what humans rights was being denied to the slaves?

Right to a fair trial and cruel and unusual punishment.

What happend to slaves in th us?

they were sold of to people and treated like slaves and whipped to work harder