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Why were slaves whipped?

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because of their behavior problem.

They were most often whipped because they made a mistake in their work, but they were also whipped badly if they ran away

slaves were whipped for different reasons sometimes just out of pure cruelty other times to punish them for not doing their work in the fields, for stealing from the white man, for learning to read or write, for slacking on their day jobs, for trying to escape, for singing, for talking out of turn in front of the white man and sometimes they were whipped to show the other slaves what could happen if they were to misbehave.

Take Harriet Tubman for example she was whipped o badly at sevewn years old because she didnt kn0ow how to take care of a baby. And she didnt know how to dust. Everytime the wmans baby cried Harriet was whippeed. She was whipped so badly it left permanent welts on her body.

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How was slaves whipped?

Slaves were whipped by their masters and they were whipped when they misbehaved or tried to escape. They were also whipped when they didn't do the right thing the owner told them to do.

How many times were slaves whipped?

Slaves were whipped because of bad behavior. Slaves didn't have a specific number of times they were whipped as punishment, it all depended on what the slave did....So really the whipping number of slaves varied

When slaves were whipped what human right was being denied to the slaves?

When slaves were whipped, there were many human life rights that were being denied to the slaves. These rights included the right to liberty, due process, and the rights to security.

How where slaves punished?

they were whipped or brutally beaten.

How were slaves in America punished?

They were beaten and whipped.

How did slaves suffer?

They suffered by being whipped and starved.

Why didn't slaves protest?

Because the slaves were whipped, tortured, or killed when they tried to. Just think of the fear you'd feel if you were whipped just because you talked back.

What punishments did slaves on plantations have?

they had to get whipped, pull crops and etc

How did slaves get battered?

They got hit, whipped, attacked and harmed.

What happend to slaves in th us?

they were sold of to people and treated like slaves and whipped to work harder

Why slaves worked a lot?

Because they have to worked hard so the slaves don't have to be whipped and hurt to death.

What happened if a slave was bad?

Disobedient slaves were whipped, often severely.

What happens when slaves refuse to do work?

They were punished (whipped, starved etc.)

When slaves where whipped what humans rights was being denied to the slaves?

Right to a fair trial and cruel and unusual punishment.

Why did slaves try to escape from their owners?

slaves tried to because of the owners harsh treatment. they got whipped and stuff

How did slaves remain loyal to their master?

slaves have to remain loyal to their masters or else they get beaten and whipped. most masters whip their slaves if they don't do what they are asked to. slaves have to be careful and do as they are asked.

Would people in the 1800s be whipped if was poor and lazy?

yes but only if they were slaves not if they were royalty yes but only if they were slaves not if they were royalty

How did people get the slaves to board the ships?

They were chained together, and beaten or whipped if they did not do as they were directed.

How well were slaves treated in the Atlantic slave trade?

badly they were whipped and punished if they disobeyed.

How were ancient Egyptian slaves punished?

They were whipped, sent to the gold mines or impaled on stakes

Have a sentence for the word stationary?

Slaves were often whipped for being stationary for too long.

How did slaves work in the southern colonies?

They were whipped many times and worked very hard!

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