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All wars traditionally use young men. Drummer boys were used by both sides during the US Civil War. "Powder Monkeys" & "Cabin Boys", boys that carried gunpowder to the crewmen manning the guns aboard wooden sailing ships, were common practice amongst British and American Navies. Many young men under the age of 18 were not honest about their age when they enlisted into the US Military during WW2. They were all given a presidential pardon when the war was over. Technically, all men under the age of 21 in Vietnam were minors, 21 was the legal adult age until the early 70's.

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How many Vietnam soldiers were killed in the Vietnam war?

Over 58,000 US servicemen were killed in the Vietnam War.

Why did so many American soldiers die in the Vietnam war?

cuz they did

Why the Vietnam war was so different for Us soldiers?

Because the war was to help a different country

How many Vietnamese soldiers and civilians were killed in the Vietnam war?

2 million vietnamese civilians were killed 1,850,000 Vietcong soldiers were killed 1,087,000 South Vietnam soldiers were killed So a total of sbout 5 million Vietnamese soldiers and civilians were killed during the Vietnam war

Why were the soldiers from Vietnam war treated so badly?

Vietnam was a hugely unpopular and divisive war. Activists believed it was a pointless show of American imperialist hegemony. After the My Lai massacre, the legitimacy of the war and soldiers' actions was further tarnished.

What are the soldiers names that fought in the Vietnam war?

there are thousands so too many to name

Did soldiers use drugs in Vietnam war?

yes they were available cheaply so soldiers got highly addicted to drugs

Why were helicopters so important to the US in the Vietnam war?

Helicopters were very useful in the Vietnam war as it helped to pick up and save the American soldiers in the jungle.

Cause of the Vietnam War?

South Vietnam wanted to turn north Vietnam into a communist country so united state didnt want communism to spread so they sent soldiers to end communism

Why did the vietnam war become unpopular?

The reason why the Vietnam War became so unpopular is that America was seeing so many casualties in a conflict that most thought we had no business being in to start with. Soldiers came back from there only to be labeled as baby killers.

Why did so many soldiers return different then when they left for the Vietnam war?

They didn't want the military, they didn't want the war, and they weren't welcome, when they came home.

How many countries was there in Vietnam after the Vietnam war?

After the war, there was a reunification of Vietnam. So the answer is "One country".

How young were some of the soldiers who fighting in world war 1?

In England you had to be 18 to sign up for the army, however many soldiers lied about their age, so as young as 16 in some cases.

Was Vietnam a war explain?

Yes, the Vietnam War was well, a war as you can tell because it says it in its name Vietnam WAR! so ya........ it is..............

How were soldiers and civilians affected by the Vietnam War?

soldiers and civilians were affected by the Vietnam war because when the soldiers got home they were not appreciated and alot of them turned to drugs and alchol and the civilians were being drafted into the army so they were not excited about that and the hippy revolution played a big part because their motto was basicly "freedom"so you basicly had three things going on including racism so this was one of the Americas darkest moments in history.

Why was the war so hard on American soldiers fighting Vietnam?

Because the Vietcong were dressed like civilians. The US. Soldiers didn't know who their next enemy was because of the way they were dressed.

Where did Valentine's Day begin?

at the end of the Vietnam war. The soldiers organised a day just so that they could spend time with their loved ones.

Why was the ground war in Vietnam so difficult to fight?

because of the tactics that the Vietcong were using against American soldiers. They were underground most of the time to get hospitality, food, sleep and making plans. This was a war where the USA weren't wanted (by the country - Vietnam)

Were the hippies happy after the Vietnam war?

When the Vietnam War passed into history, so did the hippies.

What proof exists that the Korean War was bloodier than the Vietnam War?

For now, we have very limited proof that the Koren War was bloodier. This is basically because the wars were fought during completely different times. The technological development from Korea to Vietnam was immense. So i would have to say that ultimately the Vietnam war was bloodier than the Korean War for the U.S. We lost more soldiers in Vietnam than any other war and knowing this fact, one can conclude that the Vietnam War was more bloodier.

Is there a memorial to the soldiers of the conflict of the Vietnam war?

Well, sort of. I am learning about this right now in History class. Veteran's day is technically considered a memorial to all soldiers who have served in the U.S. army. So I guess that would count as a memorial to veterans of the conflict in the Vietnam War. There is also a wall of the names of all soldiers who died in the Vietnam War. I believe that there is some 58,000 fallen soldiers' names on that wall. Thank you for being so interested in the wonderful soldiers of our country who serve for our great blessings of liberty and freedom. This was a great question and I am glad to enlighten you on the Veterans of past wars. Thank you to all of our fallen soldiers and soldiers out on the battlefield right now! We support you 100%! Thanks again for asking this wonderful question! :)

Who did Vietnam fight with?

The nation of Vietnam came into existence in 1975 (on paper in 1976). So are you asking about that Vietnam or the Vietnam War? There was no nation called "Vietnam" during the Vietnam War.

How did the press help in the Vietnam war?

The Vietnam War was the first war to be televised to the public. So America saw everything that was going on in Vietnam and wanted to pull out of the war.

Why was the Vietnam War protested so strongly in the US?

Many US citizens felt our country had no business in that war, and that our soldiers were being killed for reasons that (they felt) didn't concern us.

Why did some Vietnam soldiers believe the war wasn't real?

It was never a "declared" war, but a police action. So, it was seen as an illegal action not sanctioned or declared by Congress. This makes it not "real".