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Roman Catholic AnswerGregory XII was pope from 1406 to 1415. During his reign there were three antipopes. This was a terrible time in the Church known as the Western Schism when the papacy had moved from Rome to Avignon. Rivals were elected "pope" by different groups of Cardinals. Please see the links below for a fuller explanation:

Pedro de Luna ("Benedict XIII") (1394-1417)
Baldassare Cossa ("John XXIII") (1400-1415),
Pietro Philarghi ("Alexander V") (1409-1410)
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There was only one legitimate pope in 1414 - Pope Gregory XII

pope john xxiii tho he is not considered a pope but an anti pope rather

There can be only one legitimate pope at a time. If there are three popes, two of them would be anti-popes.

We know of no church with three popes. No such animal.

As of 2014, it was 1414 years ago. CE is the same as AD.

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Charlemagne ruled from 768 AD to 814 AD. During his own reign he was to see three different popes rule over Christendom. These were: * Stephen IV (767-772 AD) * Adrian I (772-795 AD) * St. Leo III (795-816 AD)

There is only one pope, not three.

John- XXIII (twenty-three popes)

There was only one pope. The other two were anti-popes.

Raymond David has written: 'The Lives of the Eighth-Century Popes (Liber Pontificalis): The Ancient Biographies of Nine Popes from AD 715 to AD 817 (Translated Texts for Historians, Volume 13.)'

There were no popes before Christ instituted the Church in 33 AD.

In the early centuries of the Church there were three popes from northern Africa but nothing is known of their races. All other popes have been caucasian.

There have been over 70 popes canonized as saints, not just three.

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Three popes:Pope Leo the GreatPope Gregory the GreatPope Nicholas the Great

Most importantly three popes.

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Three popes have had the title of Great:Pope Leo the GreatPope Gregory the GreatPope Nicholas the Great

When there is a family of 3 popes at a time, it is formally refered to as "trisexual ruling of religion" or in a more ghetto term a "three way poper" When there is a family of 3 popes at a time, it is formally refered to as "trisexual ruling of religion" or in a more ghetto term a "three way poper"

if you're talking about the sultans of delhi sultanate,i do have an must be knowing about Muhammad ghori who came to India in ad 1175 and defeated prithvi raj chauhan in the second battle of tarain.he conquered a part of India and after his death his general - qutub ud din aibak succed him and started the delhi sultanate in ad 1206.the rule went on with different dynasties- slave dynasty(ad 1206-1290) khalji dynasty(ad 1290-1320) tughluq dynasty (ad 1320-1414) sayyid dynasty (ad 1414-1451) lodi dynasty (ad 1451-1526) their rule ended with the last king of the sultanate -ibrarahim lodi who was defeated by babur in ad 1526 during the first battle of panipat which led to the beginning of mughal rule in India.

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Popes do not elect popes. Popes are elected by the cardinal electors.

Nowadays it is MCDXIV but the ancient Romans would have wrote out the equivalent of 1414 quite differently

The address of the Flanders Foundation is: Po Box 1414, Carmel, CA 93921-1414

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