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There are many reasons. Take it to a trans shop.

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Q: Why will an Achieva automatic transmission stop changing gears if the fluid level is normal?
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If have Honda accord exr 1987 automatic trans when it changing gears you feel it as it was manual trans is that normal?

Shifting of the automatic transmission should be smooth. Try changing the transmission oil and filter. If you take it to be done make sure you specify that you want the pan dropped and the filter replaced, as many places suck out the old fluid and do not change the filter.

What automatic transmission fluid do you use for 1988 wrangler?

normal atf

Automatic transmission warning light camaro 95?

shifts normal with normal driving conditions when driving hard transmission stalls.have to ease off gas to go to next gear

How do you drive a dodge dart with dual dry cluch auto transmission?

You put it in drive and press the gas. It drives just like a normal automatic transmission.

At 65 mph what is the normal rpm reading for a 2003 VW Jetta with a 2.0 liter engine and automatic transmission?


How do you change the Transmission fluid on an automatic Toyota Echo when it needs changing as the car has not been driven under normal operating conditions?

One of the nice features of the Echo is that it has a transmission fluid filter. This means you may never need to change the transmission fluid (it is not listed at all in the owner's manual scheduled maintenance). If you feel that it really does need it because you have not driven under normal conditions, you can find details on how to do it, here:

What is the meaning of cvt on automatic transmission?

A CVT is a type of automatic transmission that is very different from normal auto transmissions. CVT stands for Continuously Variable Transmission. The theory behind CVT is that there are infinite gear combinations. There are no set "gears". What I mean by this is your normal auto transmission will have 3,4, 5 up to 8 specific gears. The transmission finds the right gear and then move up or down to the next set gear depending on your driving needs. Regardless of how smooth an automatic transmission is there will still be a momentary loss of power when the gears shift. Not so in a CVT CVT's have no set gears. They start a high ratio to get you started and then roll along a cone "continuously" changing the ratio, with no power loss and "infinite" combinations, giving fuel economy increases and super smooth acceleration. The downside to CVT is the add weight.

What could be wrong if the automatic transmission on a 1998 Nissan Altima is not shifting?

Have you checked the fluid level? Have you changed the filter and fluid as normal maintenance?

How many quarts of transmission fluid does a 2000 ford ranger 4x4 automatic take?

The owners manual shows for a 4X4 automatic approximately 10.3 quarts ( 9.8 liters ) of Motorcraft MERCON V for the entire system ( transmission / cooler / lines / converter etc ) Use the transmission dipstick to set the normal operating level range

Does the STI WRX come in both manual and automatic transmission?

The STI, which is a version of the Subaru Impreza WRX, only comes with manual transmission. The normal Impreza WRX does come in both versions, just not the STI model

What is the at switch used for on a 1997 Suzuki Sidekick It's located by the gear shift?

AT switchThe at switch when pushed to the right makes the transmission hesitate a few seconds before changing gears. it gives you a little more power in the gears! to the left is normal gear changing as it says (normal)

Why does my 2003 Jetta automatic transmission delay engaging?

according to the owners manual it is a security device and perfectly normal. Mine delays as much as 5 seconds before engaging.

How many quarts of transmission fluid does a 1995 Acura Integra LS 4-speed Automatic Take?

it takes just about 3 quarts for a normal oil change.

Your rebuilt 1991 Accord automatic trasmission seems to have a slight hesatation before kicking in is that normal on rebuilt trans?

A rebuilt transmission shoud perform exactly like a new one. Hesitation is not normal. Take it back to whoever rebuilt it.

How often change automatic transmission fluid?

The owners manual claims "under normal operating conditions" you should never have to replace the tranny fluid. but what is normal operating conditions? i would change it out every 40-50 thousand miles.

Is it normal for a transmission to go out instantly?


Should he overdrive light in a Jeep Wrangler X be on or off most of the time?

Under normal conditions when driving at highway speed should allow the transmission to shift into overdrive.. Assuming automatic, if the O/D indicator is on when accelerating from a stop, and in most cases during stop and go driving (when transmission has not settled into high gear, or under heavy load), it should not be on. This should apply to literally any vehicle with automatic & overdrive. If it is on when an automatic transmission has not reached high gear, it would be a symptom of an electrical or sensor switch malfunction.

92 Achieva oil pressure keeps changing Just bought this car 3.3l v6 131k and the oil pressure goes from 70 at start up back down to 40 after a few min. Also when accerating and stoping.?

normal oil gets thin when hot

Gear shifter on automatic 2004 tacoma moves around when driving. is this normal?

If it is anything like my 2002 auto tran 4runner, then yes it is normal. I was showed that when I bought my 4runner. It is suppose to be easier on your transmission. If this sound crazy, you may want to call the dealer.

What is the 0-60 time for 2004 Nissan 350z?

5.3 seconds is the normal 0-60 mph time. I have seen a 5.2 quoted as well. This is with the manual transmission. The stock automatic is slower.

Why is computer automation?

Computers are not really automatic. They do the works as per the instructions in the programs. But for normal users, its just automatic.

What is the mpg for 1996 Land Rover?

It depends on what model of land rover, how it is driven, and on several other factors, but for the land rover discovery with automatic transmission it will probably be around 11-13mpg during normal driving.

What is earthing in computer?

Changing it to be normal unless it is a program...

Is changing the brake fluid on a 1999 ford mustang normal or severe?

It should be a normal procedure.

When should you perform a transmission fluid replacement on the 2003 Toyota highlander V6?

Owners manual states: "Change automatic transmission flued only as necessary." ) (Personal note: I would change mine if it got darker than its normal 'pinkish' color - and definitely during a 100,000 mile service.