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Seized Up... wow very bad response. Check to make sure your battery terminals are good and cleaned. Be sure also that all wires are properly connected. Re-check your installation and try it. If it clicked you may need to replace the terminal connectors with some brass ones. I always use those and they work GREAT!!!!

2009-12-11 22:05:43
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You have replaced the battery and your car started right up one time and now just clicking when you turn it over?

The alternator is not charging the battery, therefore, the coil is getting it's charge only from the battery.

1993 ford tempo changed the solenoid it started now it does nothing replaced the battery but it acts as tho there is no battery in it any suggestions?

make sure the small wire is hook to the post

Why 92 Ford Festiva won't start but can jump it and it will start no problem as I have already replaced the battery and the alternator and battery light remains on after car is jump started?

It sounds like you have a break in the wire which connects your alternator to your battery, get it checked out.

3.4 1996 Monte Carlo you have replaced the alternator and the battery in the last month this morning it started fine than you tried to start it at work and it does nothing at all?

Make sure the battery cables are making good contact with the battery and are clean and tight.

What if your car wont start replaced the battery lights came on even started but went dead by next morning what could this be?

something is draining the battery. a new battery will last a couple days if just starting the car. even if your alternator is bad.

94 olds royale 88 dashboard lights started dimming you replaced the alternator now the car wont start what could it be?

Battery is dead?

What would cause my gauges to stop working after you started it?

i had this happen once on an 03 dodge minivan. the alternator went bad and the battery was going dead but had enough power to get the engine started. once i replaced the alternator and charged the battery the gauges worked again. good luck!

Can the car be started with the battery charger attached to the battery as a boost?

Yes, the car can be started with the battery charger attached to the battery as a boost.I been doing that for years.

Your vw golf clock and odometer reset every time you turn the engine off how do you stop this?

I had the same problem on my '96 golf mk 3, it can be either a) not making contact on battery terminals or b) the battery needs to be replaced... Hope it helps 1) new battery may be the needed if its not solved, check the fuses (couple need be replaced) ,i did that started working.

Why does the battery light on a 2002 Civic LX come on when started goes out at exactly 4000RPMs and then will come back on at 2500 RPM even after the battery was replaced?

This is not a battery problem. Your charging system, the alternator, is not putting out enough juice to charge the battery until you reach 4000 rpm. Have the alternator and charging system checked.

What causes the EPC warning light to come on occasionally on your 2001 Volkswagen Jetta 4 cylinder gas?

My epc light came on because of battery failure. My battery was acting funny and barely starting the car. I went to autozone and had them check my battery which ended up having a bad cell. I replaced the battery and the car easily started up. After the car started the light never came back on.

When I replaced my battery the fan started running even before I started the car.?

It is definitely caused by a problemtic cooling fan relay. When the bad relay shorts internally, it causes the fan to stay on at all times which drains the battery.

I replaced the battery on my 2006 sportster the lights come on but the motorcylce won't startturn over?

Assuming it started and ran before you changed the battery, and changing the battery actually is when the problem began, the starter relay wire has been left off and needs to be connected at the battery terminal. I would need more information to diagnose it further.

1985 Nissan 200sx battery was replaced and now the car won't engage to start?

First, why was the battery replaced? If there was a pre-existing problem (like a bad starter, for example), replacing the battery will not solve the problem. If, however, the car started fine before battery replacement, then the problem could be that the battery terminals (clamps) were not sufficiently tightened. Don't laugh, but there have been instances where the plastic cap(s) covering the new battery's positive and negative terminals were not removed (duh!). Remove those plastic caps.

What is wrong when 1999 ford expedition won't start but makes a click sound near battery?

Chances are the battery cable ends needs tightened or replaced. Or you need a new battery, or you may need a new starter, or you may need a new alternator. I started with the most simple things first.

When you turn on your heater in your 2002 trailblazer it acts like it wants to die you replaced a battery and this is when the problem started?

Sounds like a pulley may be freezing up. Have a mechanic check the pulleys.

What would keep your 2000 E-350 from turning over when you just replaced the blower motor and it started fine before that now it just clicks and battery is charged and posts are clean?

The relay is right behind the battery. The lead got bumped off when removing the battery to get access to the blower motor.

2001 Dodge Neon cannot get started battery has been replaced twice but you can't even get the starter to turn over has happened several times and each time mechanic replaces battery and claims altern?

Ever tried replacing the starter negative battery cable is often overlooked double check it and replace any corroded wires or battery clamps

1993 Chevy pickup battery dies if not started regularly is there something drawing on the battery?

I have a 1993 silverado that was doing the same thing, and the problem turned out to be a bad regulator inside my brand new alternator. Ireplaced it and went ahead and replaced the battery, I haven't had the problem since! Hope this helps. I have a 1993 silverado that was doing the same thing, and the problem turned out to be a bad regulator inside my brand new alternator. Ireplaced it and went ahead and replaced the battery, I haven't had the problem since! Hope this helps.

Why would the battery light still be on after starting your car even though the battery is not running down?

This same thing happened to me. The battery light would come on but my car would run fine then a few days later my engine started overheating and it turned out the fan belt had went. Once i replaced the fan belt everything was fine.

1996 Grand Cherokee 6 cyc Will not idle when started cold Runs normally when warmed up Is it a bad sensor?

I took the vehicle to the dealer service department. It turns out the vehicle battery was not providing the correct voltage. Once the battery was replaced, vehicle is running properly again. In the future I will check battery condition / voltage first.

How do you start a 2000 Subaru after replacing battery?

The same way you started it before replacing the battery.

If the battery is replaced the alternator is working but every time the car is started it seems as though the engine completely loses power eventually starts and the clock resets to 12 any ideas?

bad electrical connection.some where.

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1991 S10 43 drags when starting replaced the starter battery cable to starter and helped for 1 day started but after dragging down the battery and got worse changed battery but still same problem?

Remove the starter and haeit checked at auto parts for amp draw Check the alternator to see if it is keeping the battery charged Check engine ignition timing may be too far advanced