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This could be a number of things and needs to be checked out with machines,

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Q: Why would a 1990 Ford half ton idle rough but run well at higher speed and also stall when you try to start it?
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Why does your car start run rough then stall?

Check fuel and spark

Why does 1999 ford ranger start rough and want to stall if not given extra gas?

If a 1999 Ford Range starts rough and wants to stall if not given extra gas, the fuel filter might need changed. If it becomes clogged, gas can not get through.

How do you calculate your speed when we start to run?

Your speed is zero when you start to run, then it gets higher.

Why does your 97 Saturn SC2 start rough run fine then stall when you put it in gear?

vacuum leak,map sensor

How do you know if your car has bad fuel?

bad fuel will cause engine run rough stall out a lot vechicle wont start

What besides the fuel filter causes a 1992 Jeep Cherokee 4.0 to start to run rough and stall then start but stall when idling then not start then start and run good for a while?

O2 sensor, if you have replaced it already, pull it out and make sure it hasn't burned it again. Jeeps can be notorious with these O2 sensors.

Why does 1995 Ford Escort start and run when cold but start and stall when warm then start and run well on second or third restart?

The idle speed control valve was bad.

What Would Cause a 1991 jimmy to idle rough and stall when you first start it all ready did the fuel idle sensor?

Try cleaning the EGR valve.

Why would a 1997 Ford Taurus 3.0 V6 stall when stopping and start of with a jerk after a few seconds?

Check tha idle speed control solonoid.

If oil is low will the engine eventually stall and not start?

If the oil is low in your car, it can eventually cause your car to stall and not start. It can also kill your engine.

What would cause a 2001 KIA Rio to stall when the RPM's hit 1000?

Maybe a throttle positioning sensor? Is it hard to start? Does it start then stall?

Car cranks but won't start stalls on acceleration?

how does it stall if it wont start?

Why does a 97 BMW 740il stall after start?

It doesnt

What can cause an 04' Chevy Trailblazer with L6 engine to idle rpms over 2000 when engine is started up cold?

This is a electronic fuel enjected engine and therefore the electonics set the engine idle speed a bit higher during a cold start so the engine will not stall out.

83 Mercedes 380sel will start than stall?


99 kia sephia when you pop the clutch it stall you tryed to start it but it will not start all it will do is rotates but will not start?

start by learning English

What could cause my 89' Chevy s10 blazer to start every time but want to stall until up to temperature and rough idle?

A vacuum leak would do that. Check the base gasket under the throttle body.

Why would a 91 Chevy Lumina stall when driving and have to sit a day before it will start even after using fuel cleaner?

If it stalls, could be your fuel pump going out, and when you let it sit for a day the gas evaporates from the chamber (because it was probably flooded) and then once evaporated makes it possible to start the car much easier in the morning. Have the same problem with fuel pump but my car doesn't stall, just has a rough start. (Btw my car is a 1993 z34).

Why should wind turbine blades be light?

to allow the blades to begin rotation in low wind speed, heavier blades need higher wind speed to start them.

How do you know if your timing is off?

your engine will sound rough while at idle speed and your gas milage will start getting worse. it also might start to backfire and make a little more noise than it normally would.

What would cause a vehicle to stall when running the ac?

AC runs on the battery. If the car is off and you run the AC, then start the car, it will stall.

Why does my Kia Optima start but stall after a couple seconds?

camshaft sensor

How do you start food stall in mall food court?

ask the manager

Is there a problem with 5 speed on 1989 Nissan Sentra?

1989 Nissan Sentra Wagon 5 Speed intermittently wants to die out. Unless I give it gas it will stall. It will start back up again, with the same problem until problem stops. No pattern to diagnose.

On a 1999 Chrysler sebring would the egr valve cause the car not to start?

Start and stall out, possibly. Not start at all, not likely.