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I am having the same problem. I have been told that it may be a distributor problem. However I had the distributor replaced with another used one and still having the same problem. Could be this one is bad also, but not sure. Let me know if you find a fix.

AnswerI found the following information that may be worth trying.



AnswerThis is most commonly caused by a malfunctioning main relay. It's a $50.00 part and is located under the dashboard, left of the steering wheel. AnswerIf your car has a full tank of gas, open up the gas cap to release the pressure, wait a couple of minutes, and try again. Works every time for mine. Even sometimes if it's above half full, on hot days it won't start without releasing that pressure first. ~JCS AnswerI had this same problem several years ago. I called a local Honda dealership and asked for a technician. Apparently, I caught the right technician, who also recommended I release the pressure by opening the fuel cap. Apparently, hot days can create a vacuum in the fuel line which has to be relieved by opening the gas cap.

It worked great that day, and has helped me 3 or 4 times since then. My 91 Accord still runs like a champ, but every once in awhile I still have to release this pressure on hot days.

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Q: Why would a 1991 Honda Accord fail to start after sitting out in direct sunshine when the temp is above 80 degrees?
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