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Why would a 1994 Ford Probe GT with a newly rebuilt engine not start in cold weather when it starts just fine in warm weather?


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2010-05-26 23:33:20
2010-05-26 23:33:20

first how cold is cold?? winter -30 or just not started at 0 degrees?? plug it in and go from there. lighter oil mabey??


Answeralot of ford probes have intermitant starting problems, if you look on the Internet for this you will see many people have tried many different things from cheap to expensive. I have found that when my 97 probe doesn't start all i have to do is wiggle any electrical connectors i see ( i have not pin pointed which one)the car will then start. have read people have had to replace electrical harness, but my ways alot easier, for now

Well I had this same problem with our 89 Probe GL. There are multiple temp sensors in the engine which I was afraid was the problem with ours but I found it was an oxygen sensor which had a broken retaining clip. When I fastened it on with a rubber band it quit running badly and not starting in cold weather. Just yesterday when checking out fuses for another issue (headlights) I found that there is a manual "switch" for a fuse under there. One is labeled "warm weather" and the other "cold weather". Since I never knew this was there and it is now warm out, I haven't had the chance it see how it will improve its operation yet. But I intend to find out when I have the chance. Maybe that will work as well for you.


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its a Mazda engine . ( DOHC 4cyl. 16 valve 2.0l ) For the probe 1993

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stock enginestock engine in 1994 ford probe GT is a Mazda 2.5L 24 valve V6.

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Japanese Motor that is frequently engine swapped into a Ford Probe.

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Yes , according to the Gates website the 2.0 liter 4 cylinder in a 1996 Ford Probe IS an interference engine

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Yes , according to the Gates website ( they make timing belts etcetera ) the 2.0 liter four cylinder engine in a 1996 Ford Probe ( is an interference engine )

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