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Why would a 1997 Olds Achieva shut off immediatlely after it starts just like the key was turned off even though fuel pump can be heard?


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2010-08-22 04:31:12
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Have the pump replaced.

AnswerI have the same issue. It is the alarm system triggering the fuel pump to shut down. I replaced the fuel pump etc, etc only to find out this is a common and difficult to repair issue. Some things that worked for a while were leaving the key in the ignition in the on position for about 15 minutes. This resets the security system and usually allows the engine to turn over successfully after another try or two. I've also read to try locking and unlocking either the passenger or/and the drivers side door with the key may reset the system, although I had no luck with this. The problem I have has worsened to the point that I am now facing a possible $400.00 charge to replace the lock cylinder sensor and reprogram the keys. The reseting of the system with the key in the on position worked for quite q while though. Give it a try and God bless.

i just went through this problem so i can sure tell you exactly what to do. is the security light flashing on the dash? if so you have a passlock security problem which is common on these cars. you can disable it by following these steps.

1- take the cover off the steering column. if it has tilt steering unscrew the tilt handle in the column and remove it first.

2- on the passenger side of the steering column you will see two small (20 gauge) wires, yellow, white and black going from the ignition to the top of the column. start the car and while running cut the yellow wire then turn the car off. re start the car. problem solved! the security light will always be on but its alot cheaper than spending 400 dollars for nothing. took me 30 minutes and cost me nothing to fix mine so go figure.

Simple problem always overlooked, with computerized engines, First find the computer ground to the engine block below the the air filter area in a 94 achieva not sure of the 97 achieva. Remove ground nut and two terminals, clean ground bolt and back plate, clean two terminal ends with emery cloth or fine sandpaper reassemble and voila car starts and runs like a charm. Shop personnel will never tell you this, they want you to bring it in for the big bucks.


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