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check to see if your cooling fan is working if so look at your radiator cap and make sure the cap gasket is not broken.

AnswerThe easiest way to see if your fan motor it still working is to run the A/C in the car, this triggers the relay for the fan. If the fan works and the car still overheats you will most likely new a new Coolant Temperature Sensor. There are two of these sensors. One controls the temperature gauge on the dashboard. The other takes a direct temp. reading of coolant. It is in the front right side of your engine just below the valve cover, you will see two small wires leading to it underneath the air filter. Answersometimes when you loose some coolent like when you changed the thermostat you get an air pocket trapped inside the engine witch will cause the engine to have to bleed the air out. AnswerThe most likely cause is the coolant sensor located in the cyl haed on the back of the engine It has a small 2 wire connector attached to it. Unplug the connector and see if there is any corrosion on it If there is you will need a ssensor and harness. If not change the sensor It's only 18$ Canadian from Saturn Stay away from aftermarket on this as they never work properly
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Q: Why would a 2000 Saturn SL-2 with a new thermostat still overheat?
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If the thermostat is changed why would the car still overheat?

it could possibly have either a blown head gasket or intake manifold gaskets leaking

Why would your car overheat if you drove with emergency brake on and thermostat says hot after removing brake and cooling down?

thermostat is more than likely stuck shut from the overheat. Have to be changed.

Changed thermostat flushed radiator new water pump still getting hot and leaking radaitor is not getting hot could it still be thermostat?

I have a promblem with that too, my car would overheat very fast, it was a faulty NEW thermostat. It still runs hot, I think I need a new water pump

Why would a van overheat after changing the thermostat and water pump?

Assuming it did not overheat before you replaced thermostat and water pump you may have installed the thermostat backwards. It is also possible the cooling system wasn't refilled properly and was air bound.

What would make a 2002 Pontiac sunfire overheat?

A lack of water in your cooling system will cause your 2002 Pontiac Sunfire to overheat. A malfunctioning thermostat can also cause it to overheat.

Why after I replaced the thermostat on my 1993 Toyota truck 4 cylinder does it still overheat and get hot?

first of all, do you have the right thermostat? ie: winter, summer. if so i would get the radiator checked, it may be getting pluged.

What would cause your 2002 Saturn sl1 to overheat when idling and the water to boil out of the cap on the overflow tank even after a new radiator water pump and thermostat were installed?

sounds like a stuck closed thermostat. ^I agree. Wife and I used to one and that was a reoccuring issue with it.

Can a car overheat with a stuck open thermostat?

Usually the car would run cool, unless the thermostat is stuck partially open.

What would cause a 240 ford motor to overheat?

A stuck or incorrectly installed thermostat.

Why would a 1996 dodge grand caravan overheat if sitting in traffic with ac running but cool off when you turn it off or start driving faster?

The radiator fan is not working,or not working properly,or possibly the thermostat is bad.But,usually if the thermostat is bad the engine would still overheat even if you speed up,so I would suggest testing the radiator cooling fans.

What would cause a 63 dodge dart to overheat when a themostat is installed?

If you drive the Dart like I would (like a bat out of hell) the car would most likely overheat from fast acceleration, and more strain on the engine than what is needed. If you drive legaly, it could very well be the thermostat. Be sure that you use the correctly dilluted antifreeze.

Your car has all of the proper amounts of fluid no leaks why is it still overheating?

the first thing i would look at is the thermostat if its not opening and closing at the right time this will cause your enginr to overheat.

What would cause a 2002 Mazda B3000 to overheat for 10 seconds and then return to normal?

Bad thermostat

Why would a 98 jimmy overheat even if it has coolant?

bad water pump or thermostat. check both.

Why would a Honda Del Sol overheat if it has a new radiator and enought coolant?

Check the fan thermostat.

What would cause your 2002 Saturn sl1 to overheat while idling and water to boil out of cap on overflow tank even after radiator water pump and thermostat were replaced?

If the electric cooling fan(s) are not coming on that may be the problem.

Will a bad thermostat cause a car to lose acceleration?

By itself, the thermostat would have to be stuck closed causing a severe overheat condition to cause a loss of power.

If a car has no thermostat what would cause it to overheat?


Where is the thermostat located on a 1997 Saturn SL?

Follow the top radiator hose to the engine, what that mounts to is the thermostat housing, remove this and there is your thermostat. * ** *** **** ***** Actually, on my 1997 SL2, the thermostat is on the bottom radiator hose. I would check the "Saturn Thermostat Pictures" link below, which also has installation and removal instructions.

Could anyone tell you if thermostat is broke would the temperature gage still work on the car?

Yes the temperature gauge will still work. If it stuck open the car will run cool. If it is stuck closed the car will overheat.

Is the motor in this 1993 Saturn slY going to overheat by using a radiator out of a Chevy Celebrity?

If the Chevy Celebrity radiator is smaller that the Saturn radiator it might well overheat from not enough cooling capacity. If the Chevy Celebrity radiator is the same size or larger than the Saturn radiator I would think it would not over heat.

How would you know if a water pump was causing a Kubota tractor to overheat with no thermostat?

If you are unsure if it is heating because of a water pump or a thermstat, you can find out by removing the thermostat. If it still heats without a thermostat, then you know it is the water pump. Without a thermostat, the water flow has nothing to cause it to heat unless the water pump fails to circulate the water. No circulation of the water would cause the over heating.

Why would a Honda civic ex 95 overheat if you replaced the thermostat?

because the water pump is not working properly....

Why would a Subaru engine overheat?

Bad thermostat, plugged radiator, blown head gasket in order of expense.

What would cause a 1997 Dodge Intrepid to overheat if it is not the thermostat?

Try the rad. fan or the rad. fan relay