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It COULD be a weak fuel pump. I have had a similar situation. In my case all I had to do was turn the ignition to RUN not start and let it sit until the pump stops humming. After the pump stops humming,then start the vehicle.

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Why would a car sputter and stall and then not start again?

FUEL PUMP IS YOUR PROBLEM {why do you think its the fuel pump?}

How do you know when the fuel pump is going out on a 2000 Pontiac Sunfire?

you will get a hint when the car begins to lose power, start to sputter, or even stall.

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My 1994 ford explorer wont start. The starter turns over and sometimes it will start then sputter out when you step on the gas. what can it be?

A bad fuel pump will cause your vehicle to not start or sputter and then stall. A dirty air filter can have the same symptoms.

What happen to engine when fuel is empty?

They start to sputter,stall and stop running.

Why would a 2004 Taurus suddenly sputter and die then wont start?

if its turning over then its most likely one of 3 things, fuel rail, plugs or wires, or fuel pump, if none of these are suffice, then i'd honestly check the ignition pack, its unlikely but it happens.

1997 Ford Taurus gl will start in morning when i get to work shut off will not start again but when i leave in evening it starts. What could the problem be?

Check the ignition module. They can fail when hot

What is wrong when the car begins to Sputter and the ets light is on 1999 cavalier?

I have a 98 Z24 cavalier and ran into this problem. I had in diagnosed and was told it was a #2 oxygen sensor located underneath towards the rear on exhaust pipe. Be sure if you do this yourself to disconnect the negative on the battery before you start. I wasn't told this and my car sputtered 3x worse than in was and had to do the whole procedure over again and then some just to get it to run half ways normal again!

When did they start making Taurus single action 45LC?

Check with Taurus Customer Service through their website.

Chevy s10 sputter and stall getting on the highway?

Start with replacing the fuel filter, it may be plugged.

What causes a 2001 Taurus not to start?

Does it turn over??

Why would a 2002 Malibu just sputter and stop after running for about 40 minutes set for about 10 minutes then start right up again?

usually this is the fuel pump in the tank going bad. I have had this problem many times for customers.

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What could cause a 2007 Ford Taurus not to start?

the engine

What would cause a no start condition when engine spins in a 1995 Ford Taurus sho 3.2l?

what would cause a no start condition when engine spins in a 95 taurus sho 3.2l

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Why does a 2002 Taurus run fine but after a brief stop it will start back up again and then stall out after driving a few hundred feet?

Check you exhaust flow. It may be your catalitic convert is pluged.

Starting a 2000 Ford Taurus when it runs out of gas?

My 2000 ford Taurus was running & then cut off & won't start back up

If a 1999 Ford Contour would sometimes 'sputter' and now will crank but not start what could be wrong if you have already replaced the fuel filter and pump?

The problem may lie with a clogged fuel injector or a spark plug that isn't sparking.

How do you know if your axle is bad on a Ford Taurus?

If you start turning weird

What causes a 1991 Tord Taurus S H O to just cut off while driving?

The cause for a 1991 Ford Taurus to just cut off while driving is probably a problem with the computer. If the car will start again after about 90 minutes, then check the computer module for code errors.

If one cylinder head has no compression but the other on does the car should still be able to start?

It might sputter and sound like it is trying.

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