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you could have a siezed front u joint replace it and the noise should go away.

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Q: Why would a 4x4 go into 4hi-4lo but when you start moving and give it a little gas the tires spin?
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What is the width of bicycle tires?

Bicycle tires start at a little over 3/4 inch for high speed racing tires, going up through 1.5 inch for light road going tires to 2.25 inch for knobbly off-road tires.

Can the baja doodle bugs tires stop it from moving?

If you apply the brakes it can stop it moving.

Are bjs tires good tires to buy?

Bjs sells a variety of tires and because they are such a respected brand you can have a little assurance of their quality.

What is a type of friction that enables a car to move?

Friction between the tires and the road. Without that kind of friction, we'd never be able to start moving, and wouldn't be able to stop!

Where online can I buy coker tires?

Cheap tires are not a good choice when buying tires. You want a tire that is dependable. You may have to spend a little bit more, but Coker tires are worth the money. You can buy Coker tires from your dealership or Faulsaks tires.

How do i identify directional tires?

Directional tires feature arrows on the sidewall that indicate what direction the tire should rotate when the vehicle is moving forward.

What force creates the screeching of tires when a car slams on its breaks?

the screeching sound you hear is simply friction. the tires stopped turning, but the car is still moving. the tires are being drug on the pavement

How do friction help racing cars?

The force of friction is what "grips" tires to the track. If there was no friction, the cars wouldn't be able to turn, heck, they wouldn't be able to start moving in the first place!

When did cars start having rubber tires?

Since cars were first made tires were always rubber.

Tires sound out of balance no shimmy?

If the tires sound out of balance but the car is not shimmying, it could be that the balancing weights fell off one of the wheels. Noisy tires are also tires that have too little air.

What size are the tires for a 1972 vw squareback?

My 71' squareback tires are 165/80R15 Hope that helps a little

Which force pushes a moving vehicle forward?

The engine causes the tires of the vehicle to turn. The tires are made of rubber in order to maximize the friction (traction) between the tires and the concrete. It is the tires and the force of friction which causes a vehicle to move forward (or backward, for that matter).

What album is Brad Paisley'ssong little moments on?

Mud On The Tires.

Will 1956515 tires fit on a 1998 ford Taurus?

They will fit, but are a little narrow. I have a Taurus and run it on 215/65/15 tires.

What is the origin of the idiom ' Hit the Road'?

Origin: Unless you can fly, something must be in contact with the road when moving on it - the rubber on the tires, the soles of the shoes, the hooves of the horse. So, when you start out on a journey overland, you are hitting the road.

You can uses the forklift to move large earth moving equipment tires?

If they fit safely on the forks.

What should you do if it feels like your tires have lost traction?

get new tires.if its while your moving? let off the gas but no brakes and just steer to where you want to go.

Why do you push a race car to start?

you have to push it to start because the clutch is too light to cleanly start off normally, without spinnign the tires. if you spin the tires (in a race car) you risk snapping the axle, and unnecessary tire spin.

Why do bicycles tires go flat over time?

Because they will leak little air as times go by. Eventually the tires go flat.

Why should you try to keep moving at low speeds in heavy snow in a car?

If you go to fast it is easier to lose control. Going slow also allows more time to maneuver/stop. "The keep moving at a slow speed", is important since a tire has more traction will the car is still moving. It is harder to start moving again without just spinning the tires.

Tires installed on new rims?

need a little more info........

Are alloy wheels better in snow than steel wheels?

They are very little different. The tires are much more important and real snow tires are far better than all season tires.

How much does a set of car tires cost?

This largely depends on the size and brand of tires. Smaller, cheaper care tires can cost as little as $40-$50 per tire, where as larger, performance tires can cost upwards of $300-$500 per tire.

Will I get a better tread life from radial farm tractor tires bias ply tires?

You should get radial tires because if you go to it lists all of the disadvantages and advantages. So you should spend a little more money on the radial tires.

How centripetal force is acted on a car moving in a circular motion?

To curve in a circle, the car's tires push outside against the road; the road pushes inward against the car's tires.