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Why would a 94 voyager with a after market 3.8 stall when vacuum hose is connected but runs fine without?

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Posible dirty throtle body or defective idle air control motor(located on TB).

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How do you find a vacuum line diagram for a 1993 Plymouth voyager?

You can find a vacuum line diagram for a 1993 Plymouth Voyager in the owner's manual. You can also find it at various auto stores.

Where are the vacuum hoses that control the blend control door the driver side in 1999 Plymouth Grand Voyager SE?

The blend doors are moved by electric motors on a 1998 Voyager. Vacuum is not used.

Where are the Vacuum hoses on s10 2000 connected?

There are more than a dozen vacuum hoses in your Chevrolet S 10 pickup truck. The majority of the vacuum hoses are connected to the transmission and the air cleaner. The vacuum hoses are also connected to the fuel injection system.

Where to connect vacuum line for a vacuum advance?

Depends on the vehicle and how it is set up. Some are connected before the throttle plate (ported vacuum or delayed vacuum) and some are connected after the throttle plate (straight manifold vacuum). More info needed.

What does a code 13 mean on a 1991 Plymouth Voyager?

No vacuum change at the MAP sensor.

What do you do when there is no vacuum on a 2000 voyager van?

find the vacume line and check for a leak in the system

Is initial timing with vacuum adv connected?

it will specify under the hood somewhere if it is to be connected or not.

Where is the brake booster vacuum line connected to?

the line is connected to the carburettor if you have one or to the intake manifold after the throttle valve. The purpose is to connect intake vacuum to the booster.

Where does the hose from the distributor go to on a 1985 Chrysler fifth ave?

This must be a vacuum hose, with a connection to the intake manifold, at rear of carb. This must be an after-market distributor because the original "Lean Burn" computer did not have a vacuum advance distrib. The vacuum was connected to the computer that controlled the distrib. advance. these setups, one made by Mopar, kit #P3690426, by passed the computer and is vacuum operated.

Why does your 1993 Plymouth grand voyager van idles way to fast?

check for unhooked vacuum lines

What is an electronic vacuum pump?

An electronic vacuum pump is a vacuum pump driven by an electric motor; it may also have a set of electronics connected to it for controlling it.

What is the round vacuum canister connected to battery tray on a dodge ram 2001?

It is a vacuum reservoir. It helps maintain a constant vacuum supply to the HVAC system when engine vacuum is temporarily not sufficient.

Does the vacuum Modulator on the turbo 350 need to be hooked straight to manifold vacuum. Or can you use any vacuum port on the carb.?

It must be connected to a full-time vacuum source such as the intake manifold.

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Where is the vacuum line on a 96 s10 blazer the one in the fuel spider?

It doesn't have or need a line connected to it. The spider is inside the vacuum chamber.

Where should the vacuum advance be connected to on a 350 Chevy with a 2 barrel carb?

Look on the carb for a small vacuum source above the throttle body. You would want one that has no vacuum at idle.

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What is the vacuum hose diagram for a 1992 Crown Victoria What hose is connected to the brake booster?

you need manifold vacuum for the brake booster.. (intake manifold)

Where is the vacuum hose in a 1994 GMC Safari?

The vacuum hose on a 1994 GMC Safari is connected to the intake manifold. This is located to the left of the throttle body.

Is there a vacuum hose connected to the transmission of a 1992 dodge ram 250 conversion van?


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