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Why would a 98 Olds Intrigue heat stop after two hours with the climate control on auto but work again if the engine is turned off for a few moments?


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2007-03-13 22:59:17
2007-03-13 22:59:17

The auto feature adjusts the heat to the temperature inside the car that the heat is set on. Ex: heat is set on auto at 80 degrees. When the temp in the car reaches a steady 80 degrees the heat cuts off. When the temperature changes under 80 it cuts back on. It is basically a themostat that continually adjusts itself.


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For the engine, under the plastic engine cover (sight shield). For the a/c, under the right side of the dash.

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According to the 2002 Ford Explorer Owner Guide : For the 4.0 litre SOHC , V6 engine : The engine cooling system capacity is : WITHOUT auxiliary climate control ( 16.3 U.S. quarts ) WITH auxiliary climate control ( 18.2 U.S. quarts )

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