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(this is if it is cold outside.( the first start- your engine block is cold and it is sucking in cold air, it does not like that so it stalls. the second and third start the engine is a little warmer, which it likes so it is able to run.

Yes that is why it will stall, but to stop that you may need to replace some sensors on you vehicle. There are a lot of sensors that could cause this problem. Your idle control valve, mass air flow sensor, temperature sender unit, throttle position sensor, or you just need a tune up. The best thing to do is have your vehicle scanned and see what the technician would suggest first. All of these sensors are about a hundred dollars each, so good luck. I am having the same problem and it's just a process of elimination.

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Q: Why would a Ford Explorer stall on cold mornings after the first start then run OK on the second or third start?
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