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take it to a trans shop.

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Q: Why would a Mitsubishi Space Wagon overdrive light come on and go off but the overdrive does not work?
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What does the warning light O D OFF mean on your Mitsubishi chariot?

It probably means that the OverDrive is turned off. There is usually a switch somewhere for the driver to control the OverDrive.

How do you switch off Mitsubishi space star service light?

A off

How should the overdrive light look when its on lincoln navigator?

Overdrive is the normally allowed position so you don't see the light on If you turn OFF the overdrive , the overdrive off light will light up or if there is a problem the overdrive off light will flash

2001 ford expedition overdrive light should it be on while driving or off?

Normally the overdrive is allowed , so the overdrive OFF light does not light up When the overdrive is switched off , the overdrive OFF light will light up to let you know that the overdrive has been switched off

Overdrive light stays on in ford excursion?

overdrive light keeps flashing

Is the overdrive on when the dashlight is on or off on a 1996 ford windstar?

The overdrive is "ON" when the light is "OFF". Notice the light for the overdrive has a slash through it.

Is light on or off on dash board when overdrive switched on?

The overdrive light will be off when the overdrive switch is pushed in. If the light flashes then that's a trouble shooting code.

Why is the overdrive light on for a 1994 Volvo 940 wagon?

The light indicates that Overdrive is off. The overdrive solenoid on the transmission has to be energised to allow the transmission to shift into 4th gear There are 4 common failures. Most likely first; * Bad Relay - The solder on the circuit board cracks. - open it and re-solder * Bad wiring * ** - Broken at the switch lights the light ** - Broken at the solenoid does not light the light * Bad switch on the shift lever * Bad solenoid Good Luck

How do you turn on the overdrive on a 99 Camry?

keep the overdrive shaft button pressed, there is a panel light called "O/D" that should light indicating the overdrive is OFF. In that case make sure the light is OFF which means overdrive is ON.

How do you get to the bulb for the heat and AC light on a 1995 Eagle Summit wagon?

The black plastic frame surrounding this panel, which includes the ventilation holes, can probably be pulled out. This provides access to the back of the panel where the light bulb is situated. After replacing the bulb, the frame can simply be pushed back on. This method applies to a 1993 Mitsubishi Space Runner, but can very probably be used for a 1995 Eagle Summit wagon.

In a 92 dodge ram 350 van does a lit overdrive mean that it is in overdrive or that it is not in overdrive?

Light being on means overdrive is inactive

What would cause the overdrive light to flash on a ford expedition?

if you have overdrive in that car it means that your about to go into overdrive

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