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You need to find out if the fire or fuel quits and go from there

If your Subie is a newer model (mine is 2015) you have to unlock it with the remote-equipped key, and start it with the same key. Otherwise you can run into the "engine immobilizer" that kicks in if you are not using the correct key with the proximity sensor built in.

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Q: Why would a Subaru Outback engine quit after cold start after a second?
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95 subaru legacy engine won't start turns over but does not start what are the componates that would prevent engine start?

That engine needs fuel, compression and spark to start and run. You are missing one of those.

Your subaru cut out when driving engine turns but wont start?

it is most likely your fuel pump

96 Subaru legacy Brighton the check engine light comes on it will turn over bt wil not start?

Check this site for information:

Why would the front differential dipstick get pushed out and spray oil on a 99 Subaru legacy outback It has been -30 and my car hasn't ran for a couple days When it did start it did this?

The reason for a oil spray out of the front differential dipstick in a 1999 Subaru Legacy is because of the cold. While it was -30 the car oil thickened, when the engine started and tried to pull the oil through, pressure was created.The engine was not able to pull the thickened oil in and the pressure pushed the oil out of the dipstick.

Subaru Forester will not start?

I wouldn't have any idea where to start. My recommendation would be to do what I did when my Outback just quit running in my driveway. Call the local garage for a tow truck. This forum doesn't lend itself to the lengthy conversation necessary to narrow in on your problem.

My Subaru Forester 2002 does not start properly in the mornings since the check engine light came on What do you do?

Have vehicle scanned to determine the problem

How do you identify the correct engine replacement for your Subaru?

If you want the same engine look at the drivers side of the engine block for a ID should start with a E eg.EJ22. If you want a different engine well nearly every 4cyl subaru engine can be swapped around 6cyl are larger and may fit. you can fit a ej22 into a brat and a ej22T with a little bit of modification.

What is a temperature sensor on a 1997 Subaru Outback and will it shut your car down or make it difficult to start when it is faulty?

the temp sensor opperates the choke flap , and if the sensor is faulty the choke will stay open and make it difficult to start, and on cold mornings some times make it impossible to start

How do you reset vdc off light in subaru 2001 outback?

Try holding the "VDC off" button down for 10 seconds. Not sure, but worth a try. I think I might reset when you start up again.

I unplugged the battery and now car subaru outback won't start?

You unplugged the battery and it won't start? What's the problem, maybe no Electrical Circuit? PLUG UP THE BATTERY and try again or get a GOOD BATTERY and try again or check FUSES/RELAYS.

How much oil should it take in a 2002 Subaru 2.5?

Most 2.5 Subaru's take a little over 4 quarts of oil with filter. Add 4 quarts and start engine. Shut off engine and check dip stick. Make sure oil light goes out. If you have a gauge it should read when you start it.

Why would a 98 subaru legacy outback blow cold air and overheat after installing new water pump and radiator?

Classic "air bound". Start engine, leave off rad cap, turn heater all the way up, open plastic vent on opposite side of radiator, and slowly fill with coolant.

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