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Fuel filter is plugged or fuel line is cinked, after highway driving where fuel flow is greatest the pump cannot maintaine the flow and engine "runs out of gas" after an hour the fuel line is full again by gravity.

Run with a greater than half a tank until you get it fixed

You might have a faulty TFI (Thick Film Integrated) ignition module. Sometimes it is located on the distributor and sometimes attached to the engine compartment of the vehicle. If it is damaged and becomes overheated, the module will intermittently lose power as it heats up and then finally die on you. It takes about an hour for the module to cool down.

My guess is the fuel filter and or pump. the faster you go, the more fuel your engine requires. Thus, if the flow is restricted your engine may stall.

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Q: Why would a car intermittently lose power when freeway driving then start after sitting for an hour?
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