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A down line clog would cause this. The shower drain is lower than any other drain in the bathroom so it is the first to tell you of a clog in the line. Time to Roto Rooter! Y-THINK-Y The toilet and shower must have the same drain. There is a blockage somewhere after the toilet and shower drains meet. The backup takes the easiest route back which must be the shower drain. Try snaking out both drains. Start with the toilet. To do the best job, remove the toilet and start from floor level.

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Q: Why would a toilet back up into the shower?
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Why does the toilet overflows when shower is running?

Well if you can take a shower and use the toilet at the same time, you either installed the toilet in the shower or you are extremely flexible. This question is a can of worms because if the toilet and the shower are in the same bathroom and while the shower is running and someone flushes the toilet and the toilet overflows but the shower drain does not back up then its something in the line of the toilet before it ties into the shower , another way would be is with out proper venting of the toilet like lets say the shower drain when running is clogging the vent for the toilet then it possible for the toilet to overflow and have the shower drain fine. I personally never seen a toilet overflow when flushing it when a shower is running on the same floor and yet when the shower is off the toilet flushes normal.

Why would the toilet start gurgling and bubbling when taking a shower?

Assuming that both the shower and toilet link up for disposal of liquids, there may be a blockage in a pipe.

How do you stop back flow in shower and toilet?

Snake the downstream line and get rid of the plug up.

Why is sewerage backing up in your toilet and shower?

The sewage line is plugged up downstream from the toilet.

Why does your shower leak once the toilet is flushed?

The drains for the shower, toilet and sink all connect to a common line. Assuming the toilet is not backing up, the problem indicates that there may be a partial blockage, enough so that some of the toilet flow is backing up through the shower drain line. You need plumbing repair. The shower leak you mention should only be in the shower, or else you have a broken drain line as well.

Why does your upstairs toilet and drains gurgle and back up when your down stairs shower and toilet work just fine?

The drain is plugged somewhat between the upstairs and downstairs. Need to snake the drains.

When you have a shower toilet gurgles water backs up what do you do?

Your drain line is plugged somewhere after your shower and toilet line are connected. The reason for the gurgle in your toilet is because air is trapped in the drain and your toilet is the closest place for air to flow to. If you had a vent on your toilet trap arm then it would gurgle in the vent rather in your toilet but your drain is still plugged and needs to be snaked out and maybe your drain line needs to be examined for right grade or broken.

Will a full septic tank cause the shower and toilet to flood?

If it is full, you can't put more in it, full is full. Flush the toilet, it is going to come up in the shower. == == == == == ==

What would cause sewer in a shower?

full block of main drain. shower is lowest open area for back up to occur.

What is the difference between a half bath and full bath and three quarter bath?

A half-bath consists of a sink and toilet. A full-bath consists of a sink, toilet, bath and shower and a three-quarter bath consists of a sink, toilet, and stand-up shower.

What is cost for a up flush pump for basement shower and toilet?

Supply and installation about -600.

Why would your bathroom shower begin to flood everytime you use your upstairs shower or sink?

The shower drain and waste lines on up to the other fixtures located above need to be clear so that water will flow. Just downhill of the shower drain there is probably a blockage in the waste pipe. The blockage could cause slow draining. If it is completely blocked, the shower pan will not drain back out over time. You will need to run a plumbers snake down the line below the shower drain. If the toilet in the same room as the shower when flushed also shows water coming into the shower drain, it will be best to take up the toilet off the base and run a plumbers snake from that point. Warning for very slow draining lines or lines that do not drain, DO NOT use Drain cleaning chemicals. Good luck and you may wish to call rotorooter.

Why does your shower plughole bubble when you flush the toilet?

Because the two pipes are connected, and the shower is farther down the line than the toilet. So when you flush, you are hearing the water from the toilet pass by your tub. This is also why you will have sewage in your tub if your waste water line is extremely backed up.

How do you fit lino around a toilet and pedestal?

The pedestal you should be able to slide it underneath it and then put glue down. The toilet, you can make a paper pattern and then transfer that to the linoleum. Split it in the back to go around the toilet. It is easy enough to pull the toilet, all you will need to do is replace the wax ring underneath it. Pick the toilet straight up and set it in the tub or shower so that water doesn't get all over the floor. Tip the toilet forward and back to get the water out of the drain in the base.

Why when you empty your bath water does the toilet bubble and water comes up into the shower?

They share the same drain system. Be thankful that flush water etc from the toilet does not bubble in the bath or shower. But it is a badly designed system, it shouldn't happen.

Can the drain for your shower an sink enter into the waste line before a toilet Example sink then shower then toilet?

Yes but you will need a 4" pipe (3" in some codes) to pick up the waste line for example=Shower 2" line then a 2" x 11/2" tee for the basin and then 4" for the toilet waste==You cannot decrease a waste line=

What causes the toilet to back up into tub?

wax clost seal is bad or toilet is loose

How would a toilet overflow without being flushed?

Mail sewer line is plugged, other fixtures discharging into the plugged line forcing water back up the toilet.

Does the expectent mother send the invitations to her shower?

* Generally a family member or girlfriend gives the baby shower and it would be up to them to send the invitations and not you. You just have to sit back and enjoy it.

What is wrong if the toilet in the basement got clogged up and when you plunged it water and other junk came up the shower drain and you heard a gurgling noise in the sink?

Sounds like the main pipe is clogged. That's the big drain pipe that all three (toilet, shower, sink) are hooked too. When you plunge the tiolet it pushes back up the shower and sink instead of going down the clogged main pipe. The main pipe might need to be roto-rootered out. You could try some super heavy duty, pour in drain cleaner first. It might work.

My shower is backed up from the septic tank and the toilet wont flush properly?

Yes that is normally the problem with a blockage

If the seal is broken on toilet can this cause water to back up into tub when toilet is flushed?

NO way

Why would waste and toilet paper back up in basement floor drain when toilet upstairs is flushed?

Most Likely, your pipes are all hooked up in the same system. all the pipes travel to the basement most likely.

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Should removing one toilet for repairs cause the other toilet and the washer to suddenly back up?