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if the oil was changed in a garage they could have bumped the abs sensor when they were greasing the lower ball joints

See "Related Questions" below for more about the Windstar ABS systems
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Q: Why would an ABS light come on for a 96 Windstar after an oil change?
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How do you reset airbag light ford windstar?

airbag warn light doesn't come on at all

Would sprayin wd40 in the doorlatches of a Ford Windstar effect the sensors and cause the check engine light to come on?

no, door locks have nothing to do with check engine light.

What will removing the catalytic converter in a ford windstar do?

It will cause the check engine light to come on with no benefits.

Could the SRS light come on after a tire change?

SRS (Supplemental Restraint System) light would have nothing to do with changing a tire.

What cause oil light to come on after oil change?

Why does oil light come blink on 2003 Jetta 2.0 after oil change

When change oil light come on and off on and off?

Change your oil/filter and reset the light.

Why does the trac active light come on on your 98 Ford Windstar Ford winstar?

I just put new brakes on my 98 Ford Windstar van but the ABS light and the trac active light is still on, and at times the brakes stalls goes all the way to the floor, and the van acts like the wheels are locking up.

On ford windstar 99 why the Headlights turn on when I shut off the car?

On a 1999 Ford Windstar, the headlights might come on when the car is shut off because of a mechanism that allows for a courtesy light. The headlights come on for a few seconds to allow time for the driver to enter a building.

How do you make the Check engine light turn on in a 1998 Ford Windstar Van?

Turn on the ignition and do not start the engine. The light will come on unless the bulb is burnt out or someone has removed it.

How did the light bulb change people lives?

It provided light that would not burn out or be unsafe. However electricity has to come from somewhere, and sometimes unreliable sources.

What causes the oil light to flicker when you come to a stop on a Ford Windstar?

The oil levels are just at the point of triggering the warning light.It's time for more, or more likely, time for an oil change.See "Related Questions" below for more

Why does the change oil light come on in your 2001 grand am se when the oil is full?

If it it a change oil light it is telling you it is time to change the oil. There should be another light that is the oil pressure light.

Can dirty gas cause the check engine light to come on 2006 Saturn?

no that shouldn't make the check engine light to come on but that's not good on the fuel pump i would change the gas in the tank

How many miles can you drive once your change oil soon light comes on?

The light should be reset after each oil change. It is programmed to come on every 7,500 miles. I surely would Not exceed that.

How do you reset the check engine light for oil change on a 2009 Camry?

The check engine light does not come on for an oil change.

Why would the change oil required light come on if the oil was changed 3 weeks ago?

It may have not been reset properly.

How do you replace fog light bulb on 2002 windstar?

There is a single Phillips head screw at the top of the fog light. Unscrew it and the fog light assembly will pull out. Rotate the harness counter-clockwise and the socket will come out of the light, exposing the bulb. Assembly is the reverse. Thanks!

Why does the battery light come on suddenly then go off?

Why would battery light come on then go off

Why would the maint required light come on in a 2005 Honda accord?

Honda programs the light to come on at certain mileage intervals. After 5,000 miles, it will blink for 5 seconds upon starting. After 7,500, it stays on until reset. The purpose of the light is to remind you to change your oil. You should perform the reset sequence each time you change your oil. Once reset, it will come on again at the aformentioned intervals.

Would light come on if problem with catalytic converter?

If it has a downstream O2 sensor the check engine light will come on but if it does not the light may not come out. In most instances it will set the check engine light.

How do you turn off oil change light on 2001 camaro?

Warning lights come on when there is an issue. A Oil change light with turn off when an oil change has taken place.

Can a due oil change cause a engine light to come on in a 2008 grand caravan?

No, the oil change reminder and the check engine light are unrelated.

Why does the Highlander maintenance light come on?

This is basically an "oil change reminder" light. Check your manual on how to reset it.

How do you change a indicator light on a Honda xr 125 motorcycle?

come on

How can i get my light to come on my radio on my 2000 Honda civic?

change the fuse