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the object for some to abuse you is to "control" you, this silent treatment is most likely a form of manipulation to control you.


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The "silent treatment" never stands to prove anything because you have to talk things out to be able to try and resolve whatever it is that is going on. The "silent treatment" is unproductive and not worth the time actually it is a huge waste of time. It is not worth wasting the time as we should be thankful for our time with another not arguing about petty things or playing these petty immature games.

she did not care, she didn't even know it was going on.

An alcohol abuser could get treatment, or self help treatment by going to alcoholics anonymous meetings, as well as getting a sponsor. If the person can not do that, or doesn't want to, you could take them to a detox.

Abusers seek control over their victims and he's had 10 years of controlling you. For some reason you are finally seeing the light and moving on with your life and your abuser is uncomfortable because he knows once you leave or even go to college every day and come home he's lost control of you. His only option is to threaten to dump you (scare tactics) so call his bluff and hope he does! I admire you so go for the stars and keep going! Good luck

not from my experience she just keeps on going.......

Yess... that's they're way of expressing the hurt caused by the abuser in their time of rage. But to stay in this state is unhealthy. Allow them to vent, reassure your forgiveness and love and make happy memories.

Your best action is to leave him. He's not going to change. Seek legal advice and get away.

Why would you want to contact your abuser is the best answer to your question? It's probably best if you sever all ties to an abuser. Instead find a good therapist and start going to a twelve step group like Co-Dependents Anonymous.

Not unless you count going to the doctor for an IVF treatment.

Abusers get a feeling of power and control by means of the abuse tactics they've employed. They also, usually, get their way on whatever question is going on at the moment. These things come at a price paid by those they abuse and themselves.

Series 15 of Silent Witness starts late 2011/ early 2012

If you ask this question, its because you are worried, if you are worried, its because you KNOW its going to happen again. GET AWAY from the ABUSER, is the ONLY answer, go find yourself a GREAT guy that would NEVER hit you.

Answer Sometimes they can and sometimes they can't. Unless they is some mental illness going on, people can change if they want to. Certainly a mental abuser who is not mentally ill will figure it out when he or she gets enough negative feedback/responses from others. Usually when someone is a mental abuser they need professional counseling to correct the problem. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. If the person thinks what he or she is doing is okay or they get some kind of sick enjoyment, power trip from it they may not WANT to change.

If it's mental abuse then this is called, "Head games" and that is what you are playing with him. There are many people that can't seem to express themselves well and there are reasons that you may never know. Most of these types of people never go for help so it just continues. It's tough living with someone who gives you the silent treatment or when they do speak they have nothing nice to say to you. If he just argues then he's frustrated and can't express himself, but abuse is when he could call you "ugly, fat, useless, stupid, etc." That's abuse! If he is physically abusive then it's time for you to leave. These people never get help and the physical abuse just becomes worse. If it's just mental abuse then there isn't a chance in hell that he will sit down with you and discuss this, so you are going to have to make some tough decisions. No one should have to live in this misery, so if you've had enough then I would move out! First see a lawyer and just don't leave or this could be classified legally as "desertion" and you could lose the house, any properties or monies and even the children. I wish you good luck Marcy I'm dating my boyfriend of almost two years. I feel that he's abusive.. and when he yells at me, I automatically go silent. Eventually if you give the silent treatment enough, it's natural to you and you can't help it. This makes the abuser madder than he already is. I don't consider it abuse though. Any time I speak it's like a maze with no ends. I never say anything that he considers "helping", so I stay silent. I would think it best to try to talk to your abuser to avoid him/her getting worse, and you forgetting how to speak for yourself.. but I really don't see it as abuse because they abuse you first! I really do recommend trying to talk it out though.. The more you do it, the better you will become at speaking for yourself, the better you will learn to become dependant rather than to submis yourself to the abuser.

No. Each child diagnosed with ADHD should be perscribed an ADHD treatment that will work for them. The same thing isn't going to work with every child. "Well, yes and no. ADHD treatment is different for each child affected, but there are standard medications and things like that which are used in each treatment."

no. i have no idea why you would ask that. that is OBVIOUSLY not ever going to happen. if it does, that person makes me sick.

The treatment was going to involve a three hour surgery.

Maybe it will help if you define what a physical abuser is. I am not judging you, but your question leaves too many possibilities. If you define a physical abuser as a man that punches a woman more than once, then you do not consider yourself an abuser. However, this is denial to make yourself feel better. A physical abuser is a personn MAN or WOMAN that hits a person in any way more than once. Hitting includes, spitting on, chasing, cornering, towering over, throwing or threatning to throw an object, punching, grabbing, slapping, restraining. In addition, it is abuse if you threaten any of those actions. Emotional abuse usually comes before physical abuse. Emotional abuse includes yelling, swearing, belittling, name calling, gaslighting, headgames, forgetting, discarding, ignoring (silent treatment), gossiping, neglecting and many more forms. Please read about the cycle of abuse on google. You may be an abuser. If you want to keep your marriage intact its best you acknowledge this problem. Most women do not go and tell police they are abused by a husband if they are not. It takes a real man to admit he needs help and a useless one to continue to abuse a woman. If legal steps have already been taken, it is up to the police, a judge, and possibly a court appointed psychologist to make a determination of what is actually going on in the home between the couple. This is not to say that some people do not falsify claims of abuse--but in many cases, the abuser continues to deny his/her actions, even when there is clear evidence of physical abuse going on. This is not the time to worry about your wife's motives--if you are insistent on proving to the police and the court that you are not an abuser, I would suggest moving out of the marital residence, going to counseling, and looking for legal advice from a family law attorney. Do not contact your wife or any of her family, do not make threats of any kind.

because he knew that he was going to die

It depends on the abuser and what's going on in his mind. It also depends on how the victim expresses anger. Unfortunately, there isn't a simple answer to that question. It could take years of therapy to help you understand more about the dynamics of the abuser/abused relationship.

If they are considering going to a treatment center, they are making a wise choice. The treatment center will diagnose and treat his/her condition properly.

As of right now the members of Team Silent are working on separate projects and there are currently no plans to bring production back to the series' original team.

Illinois rehab treatment center (don't change this please)

When breaking away from an abuser, things are going to get worse before they get better. Abuse is all about control. And by leaving you are ending that control. He's not exactly going to like that. He might fall apart, cry and beg you back or he might get violent. First and foremost you need to figure out where you're going to stay once you leave. Call the National Domestic Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE Their website is: ~ T Excellent advice. It should also be noted that many communities have battered woman shelters where you can go and be protected. You will be safe there if you can move into one in your area. Otherwise, just get away and don't tell him where you're going.

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