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Why would car lights flash?

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Bad connection somewhere, switch, relay or ground.

2006-08-08 14:34:26
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What would make the brake lights randomly flash when the car is not running?

the alarm

Increase the sound of car alarm?

lights dont flash

Are tail lights and brake lights the same on a 1999 Nissan altima?

Tail lights and break lights are different things pretty much all the time. You see, tail lights run all the time the car is on and break lights only turn on when the break is pressed. If you would like to find out which lights are the breaklights, have a friend watch the back of the car, turn it on, push the breaks a few times and see which lights flash. The lights that flash are your break lights!

Why does car start but park lights don't flash when pressing the remote on remote car starter?

check if your lights are still on that drained the battery

What would make car lights flash when bass hits?

Connect the light wires to the terminals on your amp that send the signal to your subwoofer.

Why do the hazard lights constantly flash on my Jeep Grand Cherokee?

what car have you got?

Why aren't dashboard lights in a car white?

dashboard lights arent white because in daytime you wouldn't be able to see the lights flash

What are fireflies looking for when they flash their lights abdomens at night?

What fireflies are looking for when they flash their lights are mates, but there are other reasons as to why they would flash their lights. They flash their lights as a survival method telling their predators that the chemicals in their light has a very bitter taste. They also use their light as a warning to other fireflies to stay away.

What lights do police put on when they are responding an emergency?

Locally to me, the blue bar on the top of the car flashes (in some other states, I believe police use red lights, or red and blue) the headlights flash and the tail lights flash.

Why do all the warning lights flash together on a 1978 Nissan ZX?

Because that car is UGLY

Would a bad blinker relay wont let start the car?

No, the flasher relay has nothing to do with starting the vehicle. It only controls the flash of the directional lights.

While driving dashboard lights will flash then car stalls?

While driving, the dashboard lights will fall and the car will stall if the vehicle goes dead. This can be caused by a lack of fuel or mechanical failure.

What would cause your lights to flash on your 98 f150 when it is running?

emergency blinker

What are all the lights on a car and their functions?

the headlights- for the driver to see in fount of the car. indicators- so other cars can see where the car is going brake lights- so the other cars can see when a car ahead of them is slowing down interior lights- for passengers in the car to see what is inside the car and when u press that button with all the triangles on they all flash (except the interior lights) to signal the car is broken or somthing. :D

How do you get the horn to blow and the parking lights to flash when you hit the lock button on your remote for your KIA Optima Manufactuer Car Alarm?

Ask a car professional

Why do the Dashboard Lights on a 1996 Camry flash for 45 seconds after car is turned on and turned off happened without warning or changes to the car?

because they do.

How do you make red tail lights indicators flash amber?

You would have to remove the red lenses and replace them with amber ones. Then you would get a ticket for improper lights.

How do you flash your high beams?

I don't know what kind of car you have or the age, but most cars today have the flash feature on the arm that turns on the lights or on the turn signal. You just move it towards you. If you go out to your car you will see that the arm will move and that is it.

1991 XJ6 rear lights flash after car is turned off and key is removed?

do you have an aftermarket security system installed in it?

What would cause of the interior and exterior lights of a 1998 Grand Cherokee Limited to flash on and off and other times the interior lights will be on with it just setting in the driveway?

probably the heat on the drive ways or some cord in the car is just messed up.

Why would side lights flash instead of indicators?

you have a short circuit, see a auto sparky

Interior lights stay on. daqshboard lights flash dome lights flash relay clicking?

you have a short to ground . have it check soon ! could be a door switch .

Why would lights clicker and go deem when car wants to cut off the car is an 1985 Chevy cavalier?

Why would lights clicker and go deem when car wants to cut off the car is an 1985 Chevy cavalier?

Why does the dash indicator lights flash when transmission is slipping on a 1996 Volvo 960?

That is how the car communicates a transmission problem if you couldn't feel it.

Why do head lights stay on when car is off?

There are many reasons why a head light would stay on when car is off. These lights could be automatic.