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Why would car tires make a clunking sound when going over holes and bumps?

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2015-07-17 17:30:10
2015-07-17 17:30:10

To best answer this is, which one is closer to breaking? The ball joint is probably the bigger problem, but I'd need to see it.

I am guessing you have a Cavalier or Sunfire? If so, you will probably need a control arm, bushing and ball joint come with it. And yes, it will make a clunk as you describe.

It can also be something completely unrelated to the suspension.

I've had such a noise in my car, 78 Benz 300CD. The fix was a loose header pipe coming off the exhause manifold. It had about 2 inches of sway when loose and would knock against the engine mounts.

Check for loose components which are routed near or though suspension parts. Some things are meant to be snug but free (ie exhause systems) to minimize noise, but make sure things aren't excessively free.




answer anything loose will cause the noise. but i would first check for worn or broken shock absorbers

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Clunking/knocking sound felt though steering wheel and floor when turning and going over bumps at low speeds.

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A clunking sound when you accelerate or decelerate.

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Hi I'm Patrick and I have a 1994 Plymouth Acclaim and that annoying clunking sound is coming from the rear wheels there's a bar that runs down the middle of the rail that holds the wheels together and when you go over a bump that bar smacks the canal it sits in and makes that sound so I just got my welder out and welded it to the canal to keep it from smacking.

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A lot of times the grinding sound that is heard when going over bumps is actually the car scraping the cement. If it is not a serious problem then the best thing to do would be to drive slow over the bumps.

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