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Why would fuel injected Chevy Van have no spark at coil or no power going to the injectors is there a relay that goes to both that could be bad?


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2004-07-18 11:24:32
2004-07-18 11:24:32

It can be several things. VCheck the fuses. Check the crankshaft sensor on the front of the engine. Check for any codes in the computer. If it is a "96 or later you will need a scanner to do this. GoodluckJoe


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You could have accidentally put in some bad gas. You could also have gotten water in your gas tank. There are many other reasons it could be having this problem including a transmission that could be going out.

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yes, they will but because of the larger displacement of the 350 its going to go lean. If you are using a multiport injection system the 305 utilized 19lb/hr injectors where as the 350's used 22lb/hr injectors. If you change out the injectors you also have to make adjustments in the computer to match. You might be able to get away with bumping the fuel pressure up to get a little more out of the 19lb/hr injectors. But it is still not a good idea.

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use a noid light set to determine if pulse is going to the fuel injectors.

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it could be in the pickup coil .ive had this problem even if the plugs are fireing the pickup coil controls the fuel injectors also

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