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It can be several things. VCheck the fuses. Check the crankshaft sensor on the front of the engine. Check for any codes in the computer. If it is a "96 or later you will need a scanner to do this. GoodluckJoe

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โˆ™ 2004-07-18 11:24:32
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Q: Why would fuel injected Chevy Van have no spark at coil or no power going to the injectors is there a relay that goes to both that could be bad?
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My 94' Chevy Beretta Z26 is having problems accelerating would it be the fuel injectors?

You could have accidentally put in some bad gas. You could also have gotten water in your gas tank. There are many other reasons it could be having this problem including a transmission that could be going out.

Will the computer and injectors from a Chevy 305 work on a Chevy 350 engine?

yes, they will but because of the larger displacement of the 350 its going to go lean. If you are using a multiport injection system the 305 utilized 19lb/hr injectors where as the 350's used 22lb/hr injectors. If you change out the injectors you also have to make adjustments in the computer to match. You might be able to get away with bumping the fuel pressure up to get a little more out of the 19lb/hr injectors. But it is still not a good idea.

How can you check if there is power going to the fuel injectors on my gmc sirrea with a 305?

use a noid light set to determine if pulse is going to the fuel injectors.

Chevy pick up 1500 cranks but does not start no power going to fuel pump new fuel pump and filter fuse good?

it could be in the pickup coil .ive had this problem even if the plugs are fireing the pickup coil controls the fuel injectors also

Why does your 1996 Chevy Cheyenne truck have trouble going up a hill or even on a flat road you will floor the gas and the truck will not accelerate it takes forever to get it going fast?

Most often you will find it to be a clogged fuel filter. Alternately check for clogged injectors

What would make a 90 Chevy beretta in park rev up and down and then die?

I had the same exact problem and i had 5 out of my 6 fuel injectors going bad so i would have them checked out if you havent already

Why does the blower motor not work all the time in a Chevy impala?

connection could be loose. Or the switch might be going out

How can you tell if a marine engine is carburated or fuel injected?

Manufacturers like to brag about their fuel injection to sell more boats, so the easiest way is to look for EFI or MPFI on the engine cover. Other than that, fuel injectors are electronic, so they will have extra wires going to them and the sensors that accompany them. A carburetor might have 2 wires going to an electric choke if that.

What would cause a missing problem when accelerating on a 1995 ford thunderbird lx v8?

The first thing could be the fuel injectors may need cleaned. The second thing could be that the oxygen censor is going bad.

On a 1999 kia sportage 2.0 you have power to all wires going to the injectors at all times and when cranking injectors are not firing?

I believe the computer controls the grounds,not the positive.Therefore the injectors are"live"when the key is on,but don't fire till the computer grounds them.

Where does the fuel line connect to carburetor on 1995 Dodge 1500?

A 1995 Dodge 1500 doesn't have a carburetor. It has a throttle body. A fuel line does not connect to the throttle body. The fuel is supplied to fuel injectors via a fuel rail.

Why does the engine not ignite when the fuel is going to the injectors?

It may be due to faulty glow plugs.

Mileage to change injectors on windstar 1999?

Fuel injectors are not a 'wear item', meaning you don't replace them on a schedule - replace them when - IF - they fail.Surprisingly, injectors are not a common failure on today's engines. A lot like the Engergizer bunny, they just keep going.

Will car vibrate when injectors are going?

The engine will run rough with a faulty fuel injector. More than one or two bad fuel injectors at one time would be unusual.

What is wrong when your spark plugs are getting very little fire on a 88 Chevy Nova?

check the coil , it could be going bad.

I have a 1994 S-10 Chevy Blazer with a vortec engine six cylinder and I want to know why it cuts out going up a mountain and then back fires?

your not burning all the fuel in one or more of your cylinders. Check your spark plugs and fuel injectors.

Why does the car rev high when going up a hill?

My car did this. I took it to get the heads de-carbonized and the fuel injectors cleaned out and it stopped doing this. Most likely it was the fuel injectors causing the problem.

How can you tell if your starter is going bad on an 85 Chevy suburban?

A way to tell is by the sound the motor makes. If it is winding slowly with no force it could be going out. If it skips or whines without action it is out.

Why wont a Chevy Z71 off road with a 350 and 700R4 shift in to overdrive?

Could be a vacuum line or you're tranny is going out. Sorry.

Why would your 02 Chevy s10 lose power going down the road?

Could be a plugged fuel filter or a plugged catalytic converter.

I have a whining sound coming from my chevy s10 and a grinding from the right rear tire?

Could be a right rear axle bearing going bad.

My 2001 Oldsmobile aurora cranks but won't turn on What is Going ON?

Is there spark at the plus? is there fuel pressure to the injectors?

Gas is to rich in 06 F150 what to do?

Check the fuel injectors . one or more are bad or going bad.

What is the best battery brand for a 1999 Chevy astro?

the enigizer bunny brand he keeps going and going and going and going and going and going and going and going.

What are the wires going into ac pump 1995 chevy k2500?

The wires going into the AC pump 1995 Chevy K2500 are the red-marked wires.