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Why would instrument panel on 1998 Plymouth grand voyager go out all toghether?

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We own a 1998 Plymouth Grand Voyager. The instrument panel randomly works then doesn't work again. It is sometimes non-functional for just a day or so, but sometimes it goes for over a month without working. We have had this problem for over 2 years. We have taken it to 3 Chrysler dealerships. One told us it is an electrical problem that would be nearly impossible to locate and fix. One(head mechanic) told us that his son has the same van with the same problem and he has been searching for a long time and has been unable to figure it out. The third dealership mechanic told us it is the cluster and another board that needs to be replaced(for $600plus). My husband wrote an email to Chrysler and they told him to get a schematics book and figure it out! I read on another website about auto beefs the complaints of 4 more grand voyager owners who are experiencing the same problems. This is just a quick summary...I could add more details...

2011-09-13 17:19:49
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