Why would it feel like there is something in your eye when you do not have your contacts in but feel fine when they are in?

You may have tiny glands that are clogged on your eye's inner leadge causing them to touch the eye making it feel like there is something in there. When your contacts are in it is blocking that sensation. These clogged glands are not dangerous, but it is best to see a doctor and metion this to him. There is medicine to help. I have this problem as well good luck, it's more of a neusence then anything. This happened to me last year and I found out from another eye doctor that my doctor from home prescribed me the wrong base curve for my contacts, which resulted in my getting Keratitis aka an inflammation of the cornea. I didn't feel anything with my contacts in but it hurt to blink when I took them out - I guess the contacts acted as a buffer?? Anyways, the best thing to do is to NOT wear your contacts even though it may feel better with them in and call your doctor right away.