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Having the surge protector should not affect individual circuits. It sounds more like to me you have a bad neutral somewhere. By that I mean a wire is loose. So say the light switch or TV is left on and the bad connection is currently open, neither work. So the wind or gremlins in your house do their work and the next thing you know their on because the circuit is now making through this poor connection. If this is the case, this is a bad deal ok. You should have this looked at by a qualified electrician. Now, there is something else it could be, it's called a switch feeder. It could be that somewhere else one of the kids turned on a light switch and poof, other stuff turns on. If this is the case, it's simply a matter of moving a wire from the switched side of the offending switch to the fed side. You can test this by making sure the light you want to come on is in the on position and then walking around the adjacent rooms and flicking on switches. You know, if the boys loosed some neutrals at your panel board when they were trying to find a spot for their surge protector, that would be the bad neutral I was talking about. If you just recently had it done, call them back and tell them what's going on. It will be as simple as removing the panel cover, re-tightening the screws on all the whites. You can do it yourself if you're brave. Just turn off the main and carefully tighten only the screws on the neutral/white bar. There are still places in a de-energized panel that can beat up on you, becareful and good luck.


AnswerWe had a similar problem several years ago. When we called an electrician to trouble shoot for us we found out that some of our aged "Aluminum wiring" was loose at the panel box internal connections.Some of the connections were dark with evidence of melting & burning. Very Dangerous !! Apparently when aluminum heats up it will shut-off the power, after it cools the power is restored..therefore some lights an the TV were turning off & on on their own.. A sign that there was trouble brewing. We had the electrical panel upgraded & replaced. Eventually over the past few years, we had all the aluminum removed and replaced with copper wiring. No further problems.
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Q: Why would lights and TV come on without anyone flipping the switch?
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With most vehicles you can turn on the parking lights or the headlights and the dash illumination lights light up without turning on the ignition switch.

Headlight issue 1996 metro Headlight switch off day time running lights work. Parking light switch on headlights and parking lights work headlight switch on no lights work. Anyone have ideas?

I would start with replacing the head light switch

Why are the running lights or parking lights still on when the subaru is off?

The manual running light switch may be "on". It is located on top of the steering column, near the dashboard guages, in a 1998 Legacy. The switch operates the lights without requiring the ignition switch to be on.

How do you get interior lights to go off without pulling fuse?

flick the light switch

Do fog lights come on automatic when the headlights come on a 2000 Chrysler sebring convertible?

No, the fog lights have a switch.No, the fog lights have a switch.

Your Dash lights aren't working and you have tried everything does anyone have any other ideas?

answer: replace the headlights switch.

Why do my 2000 Subaru Forester parking lights stay on after light switch is off?

There is a second light switch that activates the parking lights without the key being on. It is on top of the steering column behind the steering wheel. If this switch is turned off and the lights remain on when the key is off, there is a malfunction in this circuit.

Have power to switch but no lights Breaker is not blown?

Bad switch. Open wiring between switch and lights.

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If you have to hold the headlight switch out to keep the lights on, then the switch itself is bad. The switch should be a fairly easy part to replace.

Why wont your brake lights turn off after you have turned off your car on a 1998 Dodge Intrepid?

Brake Light switch works without the ignition on. unplug the brake pedal switch and check to see if the brake lights are still on..switch could be defective

How do you wire 2 lights on one switch?

Does power come into to lights or switch first?

Why does your reverse lights stay on is it a sensor or other on your 2002 Montana has anyone ever had this problem?

The reverse light switch is stuck or defective.

Are lights in your house connected in a series circuit?

Each light is in series with the switch that controls it. Each group of lights, either controlled by a switch or not, is a parallel circuit, i.e. that the lights are in parallel, but the group of lights is in series with the switch.

What if you put a new head light switch in and you have head lights but no park lights and if you put it between park lights and head lights then you get park lights and no head lights?

You either got a bad new Switch or more likely you have a power supply problem to the park side of the switch.

Who do you mine for?

We mine for coal which produces electricity . Without coal we wouldn't be able to flip the light switch on an have lights.

Can anyone tell me why my brake lights do not work on my 2000 falcon I have checked the bulbs and fuses.?

The brake lights propbably don't work because the brake light switch (found at the brake pedal) has failed. A problem with falcons all the way through. To check them, disconnect the switch wiring. get a length of wire with a 10A fuse in line with it. basically what your trying to do is bypass the switch. if the brake lights come on when you complet the circuit, the switch will be the fault.

Where is the Switch to turn fog lights on in a 2004 Kia Sedona?

There are no fog lights if there is no switch. it would be labelled.

You can't find the switch for the fog lights on your 2000 ford expedition Eddie Bauer and have no owners manual where is the switch?

The switch should be where your light are. You just pull out on the light switch but the fog lights will not come on unless all lights are on.

Why would the headlights not work on a Chevy Corsica?

On my 89 there is a ground wire on the body in front of battery. Bad connection will cause problem with headlights. Could be hi/lo dimmer switch under dash. Hard to replace without removing steering column but I unplugged switch, plugged in new switch, set new switch on dim lights, and wired new switch to steering column so I have lights but only dim lights

Were is the running lights switch on 92 Jeep Cherokee?

The switch should be the same as your headlight switch. If not then you will either need to install your own switch for the running lights or buy a new OEM switch module.

Why does a light switch turn on your lights?

A light switch turns on lights because when flipped, it completes a complete circuit.

Why the brake light stays on with out keys?

The brake lights work without the key on, so you have a problem with your brake light switch.

What would cause retractable headlights on 89 Accord to open and close on their own even while car and lights are turned off?

Theres a switch 2 buttons to the left of the defroster switch. That switch is to raise and lower you head lights without turning them on so you can change the headlights. The switch could have a short in it causing it to act like that.

You have replaced the brake switch on your 1990 Chevy 1500 all fuses and both bulbs are good but you still have no brake lights at all anyone have any ideas?

check wire continuity- no power no lights

Coutesy lights without door ajar?

If your courtesy lights are staying on with the doors closed and there is no door ajar warning light , check on your dash to the right of your headlight switch. There is a dimmer wheel switch for your guage lighting , if it has been rotated all the way up that turns on your courtesy lights when the doors are closed