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The CHMSL (center high mounted stop light) is activated by a circuit independent of the outboard stop/turn lamps. Outboard stop lamps become left or right turn signals when interupted by the turn signal switch/flasher circuit. The CHMSL must remain independent to escape the interuption of the turn flasher. The circuit that powers the outboard stop/turn lamps and the CHSML share the same fuse on GM, Ford and others are probably the same. The 12v feed passes through the brake light switch before it splits to independent feeds: one straight to the CHMSL, the other to the turn switch/flasher which splits it into a separate feed for either the left or right lamps. My best guess is your OK at least to the brake switch. The problem lies beyond and my experience would lead my initial search for a faulty ground in the rear lamp harness. Good luck, it's a cold day for working on a car.

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Q: Why would only the third high level brake light to work but not the taillight level brake lights on a 1996 Ford Contour?
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How do you check the brake fluid level in a 1998 Ford Contour SE?

look at the level in the master cylinder near the firewall.

What does it mean if the brake lamp lights up?

Low brake fluid level - due to leak or worn brake pads Parking brake not fully released

Changing the brake bulb on a 2003 Toyota Highlander?

If you are speaking of the low level brake lights - open the hatch which will expose the screws holding the taillight housing in place. Remove the screws and carefully remove the entire housing exposing the wires and socket on the backside. Carefully un-twist the socket and carefully remove the bulb and replace in reverse order.

How many brake lights has a seat ibiza?

more often than not there are three brake lights. one at eye level on the rear windscreen and one either side of the hatch/boot. Hope this helps

What should be check periodically in your vehicle?

engine oil level gearbox oil level tyre pressure brake function lights

What if the brake lights is on in the dashboard on a 1999 Nissan Maxima?

This can be two reasons for this....(1) is that your emergency brake is not fully OFF or (2), your brake fluid is past the LOW level in your brake fluid container in the engine....just add more brake fluid to top it up to FULL level and the brake light will go off.

How can I get my Ford Explorer Brake Lights to turn off?

Sounds like you have a problem with your brake light switch under the dash, mounted on your brake pedal metal arm assembly. I know if I get my head down near the brake pedal and push the pedal with my hand I can hear a loud click noise when the brake lights come on. I'm not a mechanic, but I've wondered if the brake fluid level is down in the master cylinder, does the brake pedal drop enough for the brake light switch to turn on the brake lights ?

Will the brake indicator light come on when the parking brake is set in a 1999 ford ranger?

Yes , the " BRAKE " light in your dash lights up if the emergency / parking brake is on or if the brake fluid level is LOW in the brake master cylinder in the engine compartment

What does it mean when the Emergency Brake and ABS lights are on at the time on a 1990 Ford Ranger?

I'm not a mechanic but I would start by checking the brake fluid level in the brake master cylinder in your engine compartment

What would cause brake lights to stay illuminated?

this happened to me on my 98 Honda accord and it was because my brake lights and sinal lights were not working properlyMost likely, the brake light switch is stuck. Have you checked your brake fluid level? You could be dangerously low.If you mean that your exterior brake lights stay on even when you aren't pressing on the brake pedal, you most likely have a bad brake light switch.If you follow your brake pedal arm up under the dash, you should see a switch that comes in contact with the arm. It might have been knocked out of position and all you need to do is put it back. If it is in its correct position, it is probably bad and will need to be replaced.It works like this...when you press on the brake pedal, the arm moves away from the switch, thus turning on your brake lights. When you release your foot from the brake pedal, it contacts the switch and your brake lights turn off.

What would cause the rear anti lock and brake light to stay on in a 1989 bronco 2?

1st check your brake fluid level in your master cylinder. Low fluid level in the brake fluid reservoir will cause both lights to come on. If it was really low you should fill it up and then bleed the brake system. If fluid level is ok, then a failure of a component in your anti lock brake system has occured.

What does it mean when both the ABS and emergency brake warning lights are on in a 1999 Chevy Cavalier?

Check the brake fluid level. If it is ok, take it to a garage that can diagnoise ABS problems.

ABS and brake lite on 1992 Dodge Dakota?

Start with checking the brake fluid level in the master cylinder reservoir. If it is low for whatever reason, those lights will come on.

How do you fix brake lights on 2003 Ford Explorer that stay lit always even when ignition is off and key removed?

It sounds like a problem with your brake light switch that is mounted on the metal arm of your brake pedal under your dash. I'm not a mechanic but I've wondered if the brake fluid level is low in the master cylinder in the engine compartment, does that allow the brake pedal to drop enough to allow the switch to turn on the brake lights ? I know that if I get my head down near the brake pedal, and push the pedal with my hand I can hear a loud click noise when the brake lights come on.

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How do you set your headlights on a 1999 Ford Contour SE?

If you look right above where you head lights are there are some star screws and a level.Make sure you are on level ground the adjust the screws to where the level says level and you should be good. Hope that helps Jill

Why does your brake light come on when turning left in your 2000 Dodge Caravan?

check your brake fluid level under the hood. This may be true if the brake light is in the dash . If the light your talking about is the actual brake lights on the rear of the car you probablly have a short in the steering column

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Brake lights are working but light stays on in a 91 acura legend dash. How can I turn it off?

Check BRAKE fluid level. Or is it a "tail lamp" warning? Y-THINK-Y

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Why does brake light keeps coming on in ford windstar 2002 van?

The brake fluid level may be low in the reservoir. If the reservoir is low it's telling you the brake pads are worn down. As the brake linings wear down the fluid level drops and eventually turns on the brake light. Have a mechanic check your brakes soon. See "Related Questions" below in case the brake light in question is/are the ones in the taillights. Not uncommon for Windstar brake lights to turn themselves on.

What is wrong when your brake light on the dash lights up and you have no brakes but when you repress the brakes the light goes off and your brakes are back?

check fluid level

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The brake fluid level gradually goes down as the brake pads , brake shoes wear

Is the brake fluid level supposed to drop when the brakes are in use?

No but, the brake fluid level will drop as brake pads/linings wear.