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Why would the brakes be vibrating under your foot when pressed?


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2015-07-17 17:31:50
2015-07-17 17:31:50

Sometimes, it can simply be that you have unevenly worn your rotors. Some people have been mislead to believe that when you have ABS, that you do not need to gradually use the brake pedal to stop. Instead, they are told to apply 1 strong push to the pedal to stop, supposedly allowing the ABS to do the rest. Actually, even with an ABS system, you stop the same as if you didn't have it. Constantly stopping "hard" can put uneven wear on the rotor, causing a "bumping" feeling in the pedal when you brake, even though the pads are good. You can have the rotors checked, and turned if they have never been turned before (smoothed out).

This can be caused by a warped rotor, which occurs from sudden amounts of heat (hard braking) when u have your rotors checked also look at your pads, they most likely will be glazed, cauzing them to just ride the warp, as opposed to biting into it -


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