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Check your passlock. It is anti-theft device

AnswerQuickest,cheapest way to fix it is replace the instrument panel. look for one on

The security feature inside the panel has gone bad. My buddy sent his off to get it rebuilt ($700) & 2 months later is happened again. Spend $50, & invest an hour to do it.

This is a common problem. There is one way to bypass it , but this will only work 2-3 times.

Turn ignition to the "on" position but do not start it. Leave on for 10 minutes. Crank it up, it will start. The computer is re-learning itself during this time.

let me tell you a very simple way to permantily solve the problem. i know because i had the same problem and the best thing is it wont cost you a dime! The security system is messed up. very common problem with these cars as I've learned. here are the steps to take:

1- remove tilt steering lever from steering column if you have tilt. it unscrews out

2-remove cover from steering column.

3- on the passenger side of the column at the key switch you will see 3 small 20 gauge wires. yellow, black, and white going from the switch up around the top of the column. cant miss them.

4-cut the yellow wire. PROBLEM SOLVED! your red security light will be on all the time while the car is on but that's a small price to pay compared to 4 or 5 hundred dollars it would cost to take it somewhere. that little red light don't bother me a bit!! Good luck NOTE: if you want you can take 2 pieces of 20 gauge wire and attach each one to each end of the yellow wire where cut and run it under the dash or somewhere and put a toggle switch on it in case you ever need to turn the security back on. i did it and followed all these steps and its been 6 months and car starts everytime

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Q: Why would the car start and then stall and a red security light blink after replacing the steering column of a 1997 Oldsmobile Achieva?
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