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Why would the hazard lights on a 1999 Ford Focus flash when you play with the door switch?


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2006-09-22 15:48:32
2006-09-22 15:48:32

Well, your first problem is that the Ford Focus wasn't made until 2000. Maybe you have a different car altogether.


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As far as I know , the multi-function switch is the switch for your turn signals , flash to pass , hazard lights etc . It is inside the steering column

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if you mean: "why do hazard lights flash when brakes are on", then the answer is because vehicles are equipped with a hazard light relay that supercedes the brake lights. This way, slow moving vehicles can operate under hazard lighting.

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To make the hazard lights alternating flash, a kit called a wig wag is added to the flasher system. To have actual strobe lights, then a strobe kit with its own light has to be installed.

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Does your hazard lights only work when you turn the flashers on and the turn signal on at the same time? GM is known for having a multi-purpose switch... this switch controls your lights, turn signals, hazard lights and high beams... sometimes cruise control too... well anywho, sometimes that switch is partially broken... I recommend hooking a multi-meter to the wires that hook the multi-switch up and test all the functions of the switch... but I guarantee if you put a new multi-switch on the car that your hazards lights will function properly... I also recommend buying the part through an after-market company because it is cheaper...

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