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There is a valve which controls the flow of coolant to the heater core, which is a small radiator located inside the passenger compartment. If this valve is open, hot coolant will be pumped into the heater core, which will get hot and warm the air passing over it. If the lever or temperature selector in your vehicle does not control that valve, then the cable is broken, or the electrical control device is not working.

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Q: Why would the heater blow hot air all the time on my 79 Corvette?
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Why would a 1989 Chevy van heater not blow warm?

probably because its old. take it to a garage, they'll tell ya ....check the heater control valve.and thermostat..................and the other answer is a waste of time.....................

How do you change a heater core in a 1976 Corvette with air conditioning?

1968-1982 Corvette heater cores typically begin leaking due to a breakdown in materials dropping anti-freeze and coolant on your Corvette's carpet. This is not a pretty sight. Removal of the heater core takes place from inside your Corvette. First the RH side lower dash pad must be removed, then access can be gained to the inner heater box. Remove all ductwork (windshield defrost, floor duct, side ducts, etc.). The main inner heater box is supported to the firewall by 4 to 6 studs, these stud plates are riveted to the inner heater box. By removing the nut on the opposite side of the firewall the inner box can be removed from the Corvette. The heater core is mounted with straps inside the inner heater box. Once the inner box is removed from the Corvette, the heater core can be replaced and reassembly can begin. At this time it is also a good idea to replace all the seals in your Corvette's heater & air condition system. Seal kits for 68-77 & 78-82 Corvettes include ductwork seals, inner box seals, heater/ac flapper door seals and firewall mount seals for internal and external heater boxes. Replacing these seals not only improves your Corvette's heater & AC performance, but also eliminates air drafts which are common on all C3 Corvettes. From all of us at

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