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maybe the swith bye the interrior light has a bad connection, or maybe the push switch triggered bye the door opening and closing isn't connecting propperly. either way it sounds just as a bad connection somewhere between the two. Andy

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โˆ™ 2006-12-21 22:45:43
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Q: Why would the interior lights on a 1997 Escort work only with the switch but not when the doors open?
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How to fix the rear doors interior lights on a 1998 buick regal neither lights on interior doors on both sides?

There are no lights. their just reflectors.

Why don't your interior lights work when the front doors on your 91 caravan are open?

perhaps the switch/sensor broke.

How do you turn the interior lights on in 2004 ford expedition Eddie Bauer?

I believe if you turn your gauge panel dimmer switch all the way it turns on the interior lights when all the doors are closed

How do you turn all inside lights off in a ford expedition 2001?

Just to the right of the headlight switch on your dash is a dimmer wheel switch for your gauge lighting , if the switch is rotated all the way down ( past the detent ) the interior lights won't come on . Also , if the switch is rotated all the way up ( past the detent ) the interior lights will come on with the doors closed

Is there a way to temporarily disable all interior lights in the Ford Explorer XLT so they don't come on when the doors are open?

locate the fuse to the interior lights and remove it. On our 98 Explorer you turn the dash light adjustment switch off, next to the headlight switch.

Why don't the interior lights come on when you open the doors in a Chevrolet Venture 2002?

did you check the bulb if it is not that it could be the plunger on the door jam is just stuck or bad If so equiped, you have a switch in your overhead switch group that disables the interior lights until you enable them again.

Ford explorer interior lights wont turn off?

Have you checked your gauge panel dimmer switch ( just to the right of your headlight switch in your dash ) If that has been rotated all the way in one direction that will keep all your interior lights on with all the doors closed

What do you do to get your interior lights to turn on in your 2001 Volvo S 40?

In the upper console above the windshield where the two lights are located there is a rocker switch giving the option of On, Off and with Doors.

1995 jeep grand Cherokee limited entry lights stay on?

There is a dashboard illumination switch that controls the brightness. If it is pushed up fully, the interior lights will stay on. Lower the switch slightly until the interior lights go off. When doors are closed, if the switch is lowered, the lights should go off after about 30 seconds max, maybe less. Hope this Helps, it did on mine.

Interior lights are alway on jeep?

Check all the door and light switches, they are turned on by twisting the light switch to the left, also the pin switches on the doors will activate the cabin lights.

Why wont the running lights and interior lights go off?

you probably have a bad door light switch in your car, you need to check ever switch in the system its 5 ( 4 doors an a tail gate) I bet you one is defective.

Which fuses are for the 2006 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon Dome Light?

Fuse number 4 disconnects the doors switch from turning on the interior lights

Why do no interior lights come on when doors are opened in 1999 suburban but lights do work in overide position?

Look on your dash close to your headlamp switch, may be a rocker type switch with a light bulb symble , that is your dome light overide sw.

Why wont your interior lights come on when you open the doors in your 2000 Saturn LS?

The interior light switch on the ceiling of the car might have them turned off, or there may be some electrical short causing the problem.

Why are the interior lights not working on your 1994 Suburban?

AnswerCheck the fuse Check the control switch on dash (if any) labeled with a light bulb symbolMy Interior lights worked when I turned them on manually with the roll switch, but when I set the switch to neutral and placed the auto switch to on, so that when the doors were opened the light should come on, they would not.Answer: The little push switch located on the side of the dash when the door is closed its pressed in by the door, when the door is open the switch springs out and the light comes on. If this switch is bad or has a short (jiggle) interior lights wont work when door is open and dash is set to AUTO. Replace!

2002 Cadillac STS interior lights do not come on when doors open?

I've got a better question, why is this question in the Chevy venture forum ? I think the sliding switch underneet the on/off switch for lights is fully in the left position.just slide it to the right.

Why do the interior lights stay on all the time on a 1994 Cadillac Fleetwod brougham?

could be numerous reasons, such a bad courtesy light switch on either of the 4 doors, a grounded courtesy switch wire, or possibly an entry module fault ( when you push in the lock button, and the interior lights come on ) . Good luck

Your interior lights will not turn off How do you get them to turn off?

If the interior lights in a vehicle will not go off, first one should make sure all doors are closed. Then one should find the switch on the roof of the vehicle and make sure it is not turned to the on position.

How do you shut off interior lights in ford explored when hatch is up?

You don't say what year of Ford Explorer but on some years you can rotate the guage panel dimmer switch until none of the interior lights will come on if any doors or the liftgate is opened

Why do my courtesy lights stay on all the time on my 2000 grand prix?

Either the light switch is set to have the interior lights on or one of your doors is not closing properly (or at least the sensor thinks it isn't closed).

Why do the interior lights turn off when door is open and stay on when engine not running and doors are closed in a 1996 Pontiac's grand prix?

are you really asking about the lights going "OFF" when the door opens? The switch is A ground connector, So that is pretty much impossible, As for the second part of the question, There is A switch inside the car that will turn on the interior light while the doors are shut, Check to see that it is not in the on position, It may be with the dash dimmer switch, i am not sure on your car. but, all cars use A grounding system to turn on the interior lights. There is power to the light ALL THE TIME. Hold on! I thought about it, See if the switch in the door area is broken.

How do you turn off interior lights dome and floor in 1993 ford tempo 4 door?

First shut all the doors then use your light switch to turn off or on dome lights if that doesn't work it could be a bad door pin switch

Where do you set the switch for the 1991 Plymouth voyager's interior lights so the dimmer works to shut them out?

On many cars, there is a dimmer switch which controls the instrument panel lights. If this switch is turned all the way, it may cause the overhead light to come on. The overhead light will then stay on even after doors have all been closed. Find the dimmer switch, close the doors, wait 30 seconds, and then turn the dimmer switch.

Why won't the interior lights go off in 1995 Oldsmobile cutlass ciera?

Sometimes the instrument panel dimmer switch also has another "detent" that turns on the interior lights without one opening one of the doors. The other thing that could have happened is that one of the door switches may have a loose wire, which would "open" the switch and cause the lights to stay on.

Interior lights will not go out when doors are shut on my 96 ford explorer?

Check your guage light dimmer wheel ( just to the right of your headlight switch ) to see if it has been rotated all the way up - that turns on your interior lights. Also , if you are getting a door ajar warning light in your gauge cluster you could have a door ajar switch sticking inside one of your doors , liftgate , or for the liftgate glass