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This usually is associated with a failing alternator. Mine is currently doing it also. Use a voltage checker to see if the car is under/over-charging.


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Probably wear indicator on brake pads Replace pads

If the ABS and brake light are coming on while driving, this is an indicator that it is time to get your brakes checked and replaced. If not, the brakes will wear out causing you to not be able to stop.

Replace brake pads Thank you Captain Obvious. Can we get a real answer now? I replaced my brake pads and sensor is still lit. Trying to avoid disconnecting my battery.

The brake indicator light is for the EMERGENCY break, release this break.

Hold down the tire indicator button for about 10 seconds while driving. That is located under the Hand Brake.

check to see if the oil in the reservior is low. Top it up. This could be the problem

If the brake fluid level is low in the brake master cylinder in the engine compartment that will cause your " brake " light to come on just like engaging your parking brake does

How do you turn the brake indicator off on mini cooper s 2008?

You need a blub or your brake fluid is low.

it is an indicator. You need to check your brake fluid or your bulb.

Driving with you left foot on the brake.

If the parking brake isn't on , check the brake fluid level in the brake master cylinder in the engine compartment and see if it is low

Sounds like a brake wear indicator. If it changes while braking then it is. Recommend a brake inspection.

The ABS indicator stands for the Automatic Brake System indicator. It can be reset by restarting the entire control display.

A battery filler bulb (also called a turkey baster) works fine. Do not use one that was used for brake fluid or battery acid. Open radiator cap, and knock you self out taking 3oz at a time.

I suspect it is because the pedal return is weak. My Park Avenue does the same thing. I can lift the pedal with very little pressure from my toe and the indicator goes off.

To reset the low brake pad indicator on 2010 Ford Trans IT simply turn on the ignition and press the foot brake and the accelerator simultaneously. The accelerator and the foot brake should be pressed at the same time.

This issue could mean that the fuse on the indicator light is blown. This could also mean that the brake fluid is low on the vehicle.

ive put in brake fuild oil toped that up checked the battery level all ok still the battery light and hand brake light are still on...

The brake light on most vehicles is not only an indicator that the parking brake is on, but that there is a problem with the system.

usually the parking brake sensor is malfunctioning [or the fluid is low check this first]

Modern automobiles have brake pad thickness sensors. My 2004 Forester has one on the rear and one on the front. The sensors are mounted on one brake pad each. When the brake pad wears down to a predetermined thickness the brake rotor wears the coating off of the sensor and provides the contact surface so that the connection is made between the two wires ( on some cars) or just provides ground on others. Now the brake indicator light comes on. The thickness of the pad where this happens is set so that you have some time to react before the metal backing plate of the brake pad comes into contact with the brake rotor and destroys it. The battery light means that a low voltage condition exists at the battery. Not in the battery, the light does not come on if your battery fails, it comes on because your altenator is not putting out enough voltage to power the vehicle. This could be altenator failure on the belt driving it has a problem. Loose or even broken. When the voltage falls below 7 volts your ignition system will fail and the engine will stop running not to mention that the electric starter won't function. Hope this helps.

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