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I have the same problem with my 94 and I think that the problem lies with the stearing column, my column the flasher button got broke and now the tilt wheel wont work and eversence that happened my flashers won't work right.

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โˆ™ 2006-08-06 11:45:42
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Q: Why would the rear hazard lights flash and the front not on a 95 cutlass supreme?
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Why do the hazard lights blink when break?

if you mean: "why do hazard lights flash when brakes are on", then the answer is because vehicles are equipped with a hazard light relay that supercedes the brake lights. This way, slow moving vehicles can operate under hazard lighting.

How do you make my hazard lights flash like a strobe lights in a 1995 tarus?

To make the hazard lights alternating flash, a kit called a wig wag is added to the flasher system. To have actual strobe lights, then a strobe kit with its own light has to be installed.

Why do the hazard lights constantly flash on my Jeep Grand Cherokee?

what car have you got?

How do hazard warning lights work?

A flasher relay interrupts power to the hazard lights making them flash. The relay can be a dedicated relay or it can be the same relay that operates the turn signals. Depends on the make, model, and year of the vehicle.

Both turn signals are dead and hazard lights on your 1997 Grand voyager?

If the lights come on but do not flash, replace the flasher relay. If they will not come on check the fuses.

Where is the hazard flasher on a 2001 Camry?

The hazard flasher on a 2001 Toyota Camry is located under the dash, near the hood release. It triggers the hazard lights to flash and regular intervals to notify other drivers.

My hazard warning lights for my 1995 vauxhall corsa do not flash the bulbs simply light up I have checked the fuses flasher unit and hazard switch and still no luck?

it may be a loose connection on the back lights give a good firm push on the connectors

Is there a way to flash your taillights without braking and using hazard lights?

If you just barely touch the brake pedal the brake lights will come on but the brakes will for all intent and purpose not be applied.

Keyless remote on n15 Nissan Pulsar help?

Get into car and close the doorsInsert key and turn ignition from off to ACC and back off five timesOn fifth turn, the hazard lights will flash onceTurn ignition OFFPress button on the remote controlHazard lights will flashRemove the key and test that the remote locks

Why are hazard lights flashing while charging battery on ford fiesta lights flash a few times then stop for few secs then start again?

Theres a bad earth due to corrosion.

Why turning signals and hazard warning do not flash when turned on indicator lights do not flash but all turning bulbs are good 1984 Toyota corolla?

Answer You might want to check your flasher relay which is under the dash.

Why do hazard lights work but turn signal does not flash on 1996 Pontiac Bonneville?

You have a bad relay. Your blinkers run on a different relay than you hazards do.

Why would the turn signals - hazard lights stop working on a 2000 Cirrus?

If lights light up but do not flash, then need to change the flasher, if no light at all chk all fuses first.

Why do the turn signals buzz and not flash but the hazard lights work on a 1991 Isuzu Rodeo if the bulbs and fuses are good?

Try replacing the turn signal flasher

Can someone tell me why both my turn signals and hazard lights on my 2000 Jetta do not work consistantly They just stay solid at times and do not flash.?

Sounds like hazard flasher needs replaced. there are two one for rerular turn Andone for hazard. Sounds like hazard flasher needs replaced. there are two one for rerular turn And one for hazard.

Name of the dog in dukes of hazard?


What things are a moderate hazard?

flash floods.

Your hazard lights flash on their own in your Citroen Xsara Picasso?

If this occurs under heavy braking (i.e. ABS has kicked in), then the hazard lights will start flashing. They will turn themselves off after a few seconds of normal driving. If it occurs whilst generally driving along, it could be a bad connection in the hazard light switch, or something more technical inside the car itself.

Your hazard lights are stuck on at night but they do not flash you can use your left blinker but not your right During the day everything works fine What can you do to fix this?

Start by replacing the Flasher Relay.

What warns others that your vehicle is a hazard?

Hazard lights, the triangle button. It makes both of your turn signals flash. Other possible ways to notify people that your car is a hazard: Holding the hood on with bungie cord or duck tape, using body kits to look like a ricer, obnoxious mufflers, missing lights, using zip ties to hold parts of it together, etc.

On a 1999 Olds Intrigue what's the fix for hazard lights and one blinker to work fine but other blinks twice as fast and front light doesn't flash at all?

Check to see if the bulb that does not flash is going bad, or is burnt out.

2001 Chevy Cavalier hazards lights flash but blinkers do not work is it the turn signal bulbs that need to be replaced or the flasher?

If neither signal light works, the flasher may very likely be the problem. The hazard lights and the signal lights work off different flashers.

Why do the lights flash on my 95 Honda Accord when i replaced the battery outside lights as well as all the dash lights?

I dont have an answer but I am having the same problem. My car wouldn't start but when I turned the key, the lights (hazard and dash lights) started blinking. I think it's a warning that the battery is not completely connected. We tightened the clamps (which were very loose) and it stopped.

Why does the turn signal flasher keeps blowing out?

There is a short in the wires in the turn signal circuit. The combination switch in the steering column is a good place to check. Do the hazard lights still flash?

What are fireflies looking for when they flash their lights abdomens at night?

What fireflies are looking for when they flash their lights are mates, but there are other reasons as to why they would flash their lights. They flash their lights as a survival method telling their predators that the chemicals in their light has a very bitter taste. They also use their light as a warning to other fireflies to stay away.