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Why would the turn signals and emergency flashers on your 98 Plymouth voyager not work?

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Hey, If all fuses are ok, then it must be the electronic flasher that located under the dash. Its look like a relay but little longer than relay and had 9 pins. The parts you can buy online (I bought it and paid 42 dollars including shipping). There is a part number written over it (if you take it out, you will see). I forgot something like 4*****. This flasher is not available any local store as I checked when I had the same problem. I searched on Google with the part number and found one website selling it and bought it from there, and received it within 3 days. The circuit diagram that I used later on (as puting that flasher still my signal didn't work only the emergency flasher was working.. so my previous flasher was ok as I had problem only with turn signals...(in your case you might be ok if you just change the flasher...if can manually mutilate your turn signal function adding the following circuit that I had used to resolved the issue, instead of changing the whole BCM, which is expensive.)I am asuming you have enough electrical circuit knowledge although it requires the minimum knowledge to operate a volt meter to pick the right wire. If the circuit works, leave me an email as I will be happy to know that my knowledge helped you in some way. Thanks, AL-Amin [Note: as it was copied from note pad please copy it back to note pad to be able to view it correctly..thanks...If you still have problame email me at] +Right signal bulb(Test with a volt miter to make sure it is not the same bulb fillament which comes on when tail light/parking light switch is on) | |-L signal operate +Left signal bulb (you can draw these | | switch (follow the 2 wires under your carpet to the rear | |car repair manual 2 signal bulb case) | |get the right wire) | | | | - R signal oper | | | |ate swithch on Relay#2 pin#87 Relay#1 pin#87 | |Steering column | | |______________________________| | | | R#2 p# 86 R#2 p#85 R#1 P#85 R#1 p#86 | |---| |-| | |________________________________ R#1 P#30 R#1 P# 30 | | | | | | |_________________| | | | | | | ___________________________| | | | V AnyPIN AnyPIN +12V const of Thermal Battery Flasher Power to will be ok operate Relays

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