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try checking the switch

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2007-03-03 02:54:14
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Q: Why would the wipers on a 99 passport work on high and low but not on delay?
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Why would the intermittent wipers not work but low and high speed of the wipers work?

The wiper circuit that controls (in this case that opens the ground circuit of the motor)the motor is staying closed to needs to be open when in delay that the delay circuit can control the opening and closing to ground. OR the delay circuit has an open circuit...burned up capacitor, relay, etc. Or it could be a stuck parking switch...which should open on in park mode...however the wipers would stay on until you turned off the wiper switch. Also, old cars up to 1980 or so...used ground type switches whereas new cars use powered switches and relays to latch the motor to ground.

What does the multifunctional switch control in a 01 S10 Blazer?

The signal lights, the high/low beams, the cruise control, the wipers, the wiper delay function, the windshield washer and the 4-way flashers.

How can you tell if it's your wiper blade motor or the switch on your steering wheel that's gone bad for your wipers to work only on high?

If the motor works on high, or any speed, then it's fine. Switches and resistors control speed and delay.

How do you fix the windshield wipers after you have replaced the switch and wiper motor but the windshield wipers still do not work on 1995 Thunderbird LX 46?

My wipers would only work on high. we replaced the signal lever which works the wipers too. i did get my mechanic to do it because it was'nt as easy as the parts store said it was. try replaceing the wiper pulse relay board under driver side dashboard

Why would the windshield wipers om a 1993 gmc sierra one half ton truck stop and go?

I have had this problem on my 1993 GMC Sierra. It was due to stess cracks in the solder joints on the motor controller board which is mounted on the firewall. Take the board out and resolder the joints with cracks. does this have an "intermittant" or "delay" position on the switch then low and high?

What would cause the windshield wipers to work only on high speed on a Windstar?

most likely the switch is bad, or the wire plug has a bad connection

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Why wont the Wipers turn off is it the motor?

I had the same problem on my 2005 trailblazer, my gf started the vehicle on a cold morning, and turned on the wipers to clear snow, the wipers where frozen to the window and of course didnt move. she said when they finally came on they wouldn't stop, the wiper controls high, low, delay did nothing, and even with them in the off position they continued to run, when they key was turned off the wipers stopped where they where at when the key switched off, when she got home the wipers where still in that same spot and the switch seemed to not do nothing, however they switched on in the high function and then wouldn't go off until the key was off. she brought the vehicle to the Chevy dealer and they said the control module, that is located on the wiper motor was shot. so they run around $115.00, so that is what was wrong with my trailblazer. Hope that helped you out?

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What does the multifunction switch do in 1999 Dodge Intrepid?

Turn signals, wipers, high/low beam

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