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The wiper circuit that controls (in this case that opens the ground circuit of the motor)the motor is staying closed to needs to be open when in delay that the delay circuit can control the opening and closing to ground. OR the delay circuit has an open circuit...burned up capacitor, relay, etc. Or it could be a stuck parking switch...which should open on in park mode...however the wipers would stay on until you turned off the wiper switch. Also, old cars up to 1980 or so...used ground type switches whereas new cars use powered switches and relays to latch the motor to ground.

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Q: Why would the intermittent wipers not work but low and high speed of the wipers work?
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What would cause the windshield wipers to work only on high speed on a Chevy venture?

Bad switch? stalk bad wiper motor? bad low speed winding

What would cause the windshield wipers to work only on high speed on a Windstar?

most likely the switch is bad, or the wire plug has a bad connection

How do you fix intermittent wipers on 1996 Ford Explorer?

On my 1995 Ford Explorer , two of the intermittent wiper positions stopped working and I would have to push the windshield washer squirter button 2 or 3 times before fluid would squirt . It turned out to be the multi - function switch inside the steering column ( turn signals , hazards , wipers , high beams etc . ) A Ford dealer changed it quite a few years ago and I've had no problems since

What does the turn signal switch control on an 2002 explorer sport?

The multi-function switch inside the steering column has the turn signal lever and hazard lights button extending outside of the steering column it operates - turn signals - flash to pass - high beam headlights - windshield wipers ( on/off ) and intermittent speed settings for the wipers - windshield washer fluid squirter button

How are two speed wiper motor run in low or high speed?

windshield wipers have different kinds of speeds such as the ones listed below:Low speed: Low, Intermediate,HighNormal speed: Low, Intermediate,High (recommended speeds for rain and clean up)High "" hope i helped

1993 buick lesabre wipers only work at low speed why?

The resitor is probably burnt out on the high mode

What would cause the windshield wipers to freeze in position when the switch is flipped to the high speed and how can they be repaired?

I have a 94 caprice that does this. Apparently it is either that speed only on the wiper motor that has a problem or the relay for the high speed may have failed and the motor may be ok. As it is a noncritical issue I haven't worried too much about it. If I find out more I will update this.

How do i fix wipers on 2000 Toyota Camry that only works on low no intermittent or high?

There aren't any switches to check/replace i.e. wiper switch, wiper relay therefore it must be a bad motor.

Intermittent wipers dont work 03' silhouette They work on high speed no other speed will work As soon as I take it off of the high speed the wipers will stop and not park Fuse is fine help?

The wiper motor can be replaced reasonably easy, however your particular problem is usually caused by the circuit board that controls the wiper motor and the delay cycles, retraction, etc. The board is also quite cheaper than the entire wiper motor. It is also called a wiper pulse or relay board and can be found online from around $25 and up. The electronic board plugs into the wiper motor, and the electric cable plugs into the circuit board.

On a 2000 Chevrolet Venture the wipers will only work in the high and low speeds. The intermittent only works on one speed and the wipers will shut off after several seconds. What is the problem?

General Motors had a recall on some of the delay modules. Call the dealership and give them your vehicle identification number and have them check to see if it applies or if there are any that have not been done. It is free and it does not matter if you are the 5th person to own it. A RECALL is FREE, a technical service bulletin is NOT.

Why would the wipers on a 99 passport work on high and low but not on delay?

try checking the switch

How can you tell if it's your wiper blade motor or the switch on your steering wheel that's gone bad for your wipers to work only on high?

If the motor works on high, or any speed, then it's fine. Switches and resistors control speed and delay.

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What does the multifuction switch control in 1995 ford explorer?

The multi function switch is inside your steering column cover and the hazard button and the turn signal lever stick outside of the steering column cover ( so , turn signals , flash to pass , high beam headlights , windshield wipers - high / low / intermittent settings , windshield squirter button , hazard flashers ) I had mine replaced when 2 of the intermittent wiper positions did not work and I would have to push the windshield washer squirter button 3 times before I would get any washer fluid

1994 ford explorer wipers work only on high speed dont work on intermediate or low speed wondering what might be wrong and how to fix?

we have the same problem. let us know when you find the answer

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Where is the wiper relay located on your 1979 Super Beetle?

The wiper relay is located behind the fuse box, third socket from the drivers side. This relay controls the low speed and intermittent functions. It also controls the motor to "park" the wipers down rather than just stopping them. The 1st relay is for the E-flashers and turn signals and the 2nd relay is for the low/high beam headlights.

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Why Wipers don't work on high?

Several possibilities are that: 1 the switch is bad on the high position. 2. There is a problem with the high speed wire from the switch to the motor. 3. The wiring inside of the wiper motor for the high speed is bad. The way 2 speed wiper motors work is there are separate windings inside the motor for low and high speeds. Usually 2 wires come out of the motor for low and high and the common ground through the wiper motor body to the chassis of the vehicle. You apply 12v to one wire and get low and 12v to the other one for high speed.

How do you fix the windshield wipers after you have replaced the switch and wiper motor but the windshield wipers still do not work on 1995 Thunderbird LX 46?

My wipers would only work on high. we replaced the signal lever which works the wipers too. i did get my mechanic to do it because it was'nt as easy as the parts store said it was. try replaceing the wiper pulse relay board under driver side dashboard

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