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When you say it has no spark, but mention it has gas, Do you mean it cranks, but doesn't start? Or do you really know it doesn't have spark? # basic elements to combustion are spark, fuel and compression.

AnswerSorry, don't know were else ot post this. But it cranks over. Quite well, but there is no spark what so ever. I had someone try to start the car while i put a flat head screwdriver in the sleeve of the wire, and put it to a ground so see if it would spark. Nada.... It has almost a half a tank of band new '89 octane gas in the car. Need to change the oil, but i cant do that while its on frozen ground...(kills my back). if this helps any, the last time i started my car, i drove it for coffee, and when i pulled into my drive way, it bogged... rpm loss majorly. I tried to give it more gas with the accelerator, everytime i did, it lost more and more rpms, until it rolled into my side of the driveway, and died. started up for about 3 or secs after that (rough, but same deal....gas = lowered rpm), and hasn't started up since.... (since being only about a month or so.). It has 164,000 miles on it... but the 3.8 (3800 multiport injection) shouldn't have like any problems from what ive heard of them...thanks for any help, Bill AnswerI have a 91 Regal and had stalling problems with it. Did not know if it was the fuel or the electrical system. It appeared the car would die at a light or climbing up a hill mostly. I found out this one was the fuel filter that had never been changed or looked original. It was on the drivers side ahead of the rear wheel. Your problem could be the control module, under the 3 coils. You can take it off and have it tested at a auto electrical shop for free to see if it's good or not. Good luck-DAVE Answercould be your timing AnswerI REPLACED THE COIL , BASE AND TOP. IT WORKS FOR ME.....


AnswerI have a 91 Buick regal limited 38000 and i had a problem with it not starting or staying running once i did get it started i replace plugs wires and coil packs and still nothing it was getting spark and i replaced fuel filter. after that it ran for about an hour fine then cut out again. anyways i took the black plate under the three coil packs to get tested (ignition control module) and it tested fine. well i know these icm's fail under heat not under cool conditions so i ran to the junkyark and happened to find an exact model match (no interchange possible for ICM's that i know of) and and now i hadve no prblems witht he car(new the icm was 160 bones but junkyard gave it to me for free because they didn't know what it was. hahaha morons. anyways just because a icm or coil tests ok that *may* still be the problem. good luck with the car repairs people and never give up. it will work eventually. and don't get raped by aq mechanic shop like me they charged me over 500 dollars and never fixed my car . i do all my own work now and save alot of money. beside its like the pharmecutical companys they are out there to make money not "cure" your problems. they is no money to made on a perfect working system albiet human or car.
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Q: Why would there be no spark in a 1991 Buick Regal if it has gas you checked the cylinders and it has brand new spark plugs and plug wires?
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