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Hello, since the newer cars are electronically fuel injected the major electronic sensors inside the injectors malfunctioned causing the car to not get the right mixture or any mixture at all, and with out mixture the engine will not turn over, therefore all the electically systems have shorted out and the spark plugs and ignition cannot fire at all...equaling no power or go. Scott

Just to throw my two cents worth in if its worth that LOL. I would first find and stop the oil leak replace the the distributor cap, rotor button, plug wires, and plugs and go from there. Many new cars are not equipped with all these parts so some may not have to be replaced. I agree also with the other post that the computerized electronic parts could be involved as well. , EzForJesus

A broken timing belt can and will cause this condition also.

If the vehicle happens to be a GM product, the fuel pumps are known to quit with no notice.

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Q: Why would you car simply die while driving?
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