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mabey bad plug wires or plugs....or rotor in the distributor...but im 16 what do i know

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A measure is reliable if it provides consistent?


What services do Corvette Gifts provide?

Corvette Gifts provides retail services. They sell Corvette accessories, clothing, books, models, and personal items such as checkbooks and key chains.

A research measure that provides consistent results is considered?


Where can one find a picture of a 1984 Corvette?

One can find a picture of a 1984 Corvette on several on-line sites. For example how it works provides a colour picture and information of this model of car.

What matters is keeping the GEOMETRY consistent?

General relativity is what matters when keeping geometry consistent. This is a theory that is related to Newton's law of universal gravitation which provides a unified description about what gravity is and how it works.

Where is the distributor on 2002 Mitsubishi Mirage?

There is not a distributor on a Mitsubishi Mirage. It uses two coils that are located on top of the valve cover. one coil provides spark for two cylinders.

What is the importance of the electric motor?

The importance of the electric motors is that it provides a motor which can be operated without volatile fuels or harmful exhaust. It provides consistent power which can be operated in nearly any environment.

Name 5 characteristics of a good supplier according to Baily et-al?

Delivers on time, provides consistent quality gives a good price has a stable backround provides good service backround

What do grocery stores do with expired milk?

They send it back to their dairy distributor, who often provides a credit (at wholesale cost) for the returned milk.

What is the relationship between an operating system and a GUI?

The Operating System provides a consistent interface between the hardware and the applications programs. The GUI provides a consistent visual interface for some applications programs on top of the kernel and other parts of the Operating System. Microsoft claims it's part of the OS some people agree some people don't.

What is the best rune weapon on RuneScape?

The Rune Scimitar. Thanks to its speed and bonuses, it provides a consistent rate of damage to all opponents in F2P worlds.

The Military Standard (MIL-STD) -881C provides the Government and the contractor with a uniform and consistent approach to what program structure?


How do you change an ukulele's sound?

The use of the frets provides the change in notes. Different strings and tunings can provide different sounds, but in general, the sound is going to be pretty consistent.

I want to rent either a corvette or a sky in charlotte NC but I have no idea where to go. Help?

The following , site provides more information.

How reliable is cable internet?

Cable internet is very reliable and provides high speed internet for an affordable price. Cable provides the most consistent internet and you should not expect much slow service at all. As a cable customer, I rarely have any problems.

Do casinos own their slot machines?

No they do not, the manufacturer or distributor of the machine provides it to the casino in exchange for a cut of the take from it, which is CONSIDERABLY higher than if they were to sell it to them instead. Business is Business.

What AFIMS provides the Air Force with an incident management system that is consistent with the multiple broad approach to demestic incident management while remaining flexible to the military unique?


Why is mercury so special that its used in the therometre?

Mercury is an element that remains liquid across a wide range of temperatures, and has a very consistent rate of expansion when heated. This provides extremely accurate temperature readings.

What does service quality entails?

Service quality is designed to find and retain customers. Good service must be consistent for customers. Each customer interaction also provides an opportunity for a service employee to shine.

Why is cost-plus pricing popular?

The simplest and oldest way to determine price is cost-plus pricing. It is popular because it takes few resources and it provides a consistent rate of return and full coverage of cost.

What does it mean to say that the sample variance provides an unbiased estimate of the population variance?

It means you can take a measure of the variance of the sample and expect that result to be consistent for the entire population, and the sample is a valid representation for/of the population and does not influence that measure of the population.

An ecological land classification system?

An ecological land classification system provides the tools and techniques for consistent description across many disciplines of study. This is similar to the nomenclature system in naming animals so that its clear to all who study no matter were in the world then are located.

What are some websites to find commercial insurance leads? is a great website to search for commercial insurance leads. You can find instant results by typing in the zip code of the area you're interested in. This website provides high quality, consistent results and has great reviews from customers.

What provides energy?

Protein provides energy.