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Why would you only hear a relay switch everytime you try to start a 93 Volkswagen Passat?


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2004-11-30 11:02:39
2004-11-30 11:02:39

That's the starter relay. Replace the starter.


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The fuel injection relay of a 1995 Volkswagen Passat is found in the engine bay. Located near the firewall, the relay can be seen mounting in front master cylinder.

It is underneath the radio in the hazard switch itself. The relay is built into the switch

My data is showing the indicator relay as being part of the hazard light switch.

behind the dash, located behine the fuses on the drivers side

It's in the relay box under steering column. You can see it when you remove the fuse cover on the left side

It's right behind the hazzard button, you must pry the button out for access.

The replacement relay for a 1995 Volkswagen Golf GL is part number :P2020-324863. This is located in the hazard light switch.

That both bulbs are good That the headlight earths are good Fuses are good Dip beam relay is good If all the above are OK it is a possible fault in the lighting switch

It is built into the hazard switch. Take a small screwdriver and pry the red triangle cover off then take needle nose pliers and pull the switch straight out. The switch and relay are together.

The blinker relay is broken. It is located inside the hazard switch. Replace the switch and it will fix your problem.

Maybe you can say what the car its doing or this can help, change the relay with a num 175 on top or sometimes put on the num 11 position on the relay panel

Bad switch, bad relay, short to ground in the circuit.

It is mounted in the radiator, and is a thermostatic switch. It is located in the top left side near the fan itself. It is the only wired device in the radiator, so if you can see the wire, you got the switch.

Relay, yes. Reset switch, no.Relay, yes. Reset switch, no.

If it's both sides then its probably the hazard warning switch that has failed. The relay for both the hazards and the blinkers is built into the switch. Cleaning the switch contacts sometimes works.

The starter relay on a 1999 Passat is in the fuse box on top of the battery. It is on the top left portion of this fuse box and labeled as slot 'A'.

Oil relay switch? No such switch on this vehicle.

THE relay switch? Which one? The Light relay, AC relay? Turn signal relay? Be more specific.

The Volkswagen Jetta uses an ECM instead of a stand alone fan relay. The ECM has to be changes as a single unit.

Answerrelay switch for what? 04 impalafor 2005

LIGHTS ON reminder (buzzer)

Were. Is the oldsmobile intrigue relay switch. Loocated

You can find a relay layout for a 1999 Passat 1.8T manual transmission at various auto part stores. You can also check in the owner's manual.

The turn signal flasher relay is incorporated into the emergency flasher switch on the center of the dash near the radio. Pry off the switch cap, it clips in to the switch body and releases fairly easily. In any case you are about to remove the switch which the cap clips too, so no need to be careful with it. I found that prying upwards with a thin screwdriver released the cap easily. Don't pry against the 'wood' trim. You will see a black rectangular rim with a red LED(push it and see) mounted in the center. Grasp the rim of the switch with a pair of pliers and pull it out of the dash. It should come fairly easily. Unplug the connector from the back, plug the new switch in to the connector and push it back in to the dash. The new relay is available at VW dealer for $30

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