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I have the SAME exact thing happening to me!! I gave birth in April 2004, and it is now 8 months later and I get a terrible rash with my platinum rings all the time now. Aquafor helps, but I don't know why.

AnswerI am studying Traditional Chinese Medicine, and I too ended up with a red itchy rash only where my wedding ring is. I tried everything and then decided to take some Chinese herbs prescribed by my acupuncturist. The herbs worked. According to TCM I am "blood deficient". When I took the herb to help "build and move blood" the rash went away. Which might explain why you got the rash after giving birth. You might have lost a lot of blood. I know it might sound strange but I really like wearing my wedding ring, so whatever works is good, as far as I'm concerned. I have also noticed that eating fish and spicy foods make my finger swell and itch. You can also check your local health food store for a homeopathic remedy. Just check the bottle for your symptoms. AnswerMy wife has a platinum engagement ring and a platinum wedding ring. After she gave birth the she came up in a very sore rash. She stopped wearing them until it went down which took 2 months. When she started wearing them again she wore them on different hands and found that the wedding ring gave her a rash and the engagement ring was okay. So she swapped fingers and the wedding ring was still the problem. We have since found out that Platinum is 95 percent pure and 5 percent another metal. Which is why platinums hallmark reads....95%. The alloys (other metals) can be palladium, copper, iridium, rhodium, osmium, titanium, nickel, Gold and Ruthenium. Platinum itself does not cause the allergy. In fact the problem is the alloy. We had our wedding ring tested by a company called RPM in Hatton Garden. They scan the ring, so there will not be a scratch or any distortion to the ring. My wife's wedding ring which was causing her problems was 5 percent Ruthenium. We have since had the ring Rhodium Plated by Mark Christmas in Hatton Garden, and everything seems to be ok. If the Rhodium plating wears off and the problem persists we shall have the ring remade with the same alloy as her engagement ring. AnswerThis has happened to me as well, and it wasn't due to a metal allergy, but a buildup of soap and moisture (possibly leading to some bacterial/fungal infection). I'll have no problems with my ring, until one day I find the skin under the ring is red, swollen, and flaky. When the rash was very bad, I would also develop small blisters as well. The rash is painfully itchy, so much that it can wake me up in the middle of the night and makes me want to tear off my ring immediately.

When this happens, I take my ring off and the rash usually goes away very quickly. By the next day, it doesn't itch as much, by day 2 or 3, most of the redness and flakiness has gone away. After a week, the skin looks normal again. Even if the rash is completely gone, DO NOT put your ring back on. Wait at least 2 weeks to ensure every last trace of the rash/infection is gone. Before putting your ring on, make sure you disinfect it. I soak the ring in a mixture of 1 part Hydrogen Peroxide and 2 parts plain white vinegar. Let it soak for at least 15 minutes, and then boil the ring in plain water for another 15 minutes. I usually string up my ring and dangle it from a wooden spoon so that it won't touch the bottom of the pot and get too hot.

Now, the ring is disinfected AND clean. (The diamonds are so sparkly again!) I recommend doing this step every month, to avoid having the rash come back. I got lazy and my rash came back after 7 months.

Here are some conditions that make it likely to be a soap/bacterial/fungal rash and not a metal allergy:

  • Ring is platinum (though even some platinum can contain alloys that cause Allergies, this is much more common in white gold. This infection can easily happen with any type of ring, but allergies are less common with platinum ones.)
  • Ring fits snugly (I did not have an issue until I got my ring resized to be smaller after almost losing it.)
  • Stones use a channel, or low-profile, setting. (The holes on the underside of the ring can trap moisture)
  • Rash occurs on the right side of the finger (towards the middle finger, or on the left side if the ring is one the right hand). This is probably because it's easier to trap moisture on the higher side of the ring.
  • You don't take off your ring when washing hands, showering, cleaning dishes, exercising, etc.

It seems that many people also start experiencing this issue when pregnant or shortly after giving birth. That didn't apply to me, but I wonder if people start washing their hands much more often after having a baby (all those diaper changes!) or if bloating is making their rings fit more tightly. I wonder also if pregnancy causes the body to react more strongly to potential irritants. No idea, this is just a theory on my part. Try the vinegar/peroxide solution. It worked for me.

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Q: Why would you start getting a red itchy rash on your finger when you put on your platinum ring after giving birth?
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