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Why would your 89 Suburban 350 backfire at cold start shake so bad the engine might jump out of frame then after a few minutes get smoother but is sluggish?


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2011-09-13 17:26:18
2011-09-13 17:26:18

Check the timing on it along with your plugs and wires.The backfire is from gas not burning completely and ignites in the exhaust.Most likely its the timing which can be set by turning the distrib very very little at a time till prob is solved.


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You will feel great at that moment,but about 5 minutes later you will feel sluggish and lazy

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It may be time to inspect and clean or replace the spark plugs. When the ignition key is turned to "ON", the fuel pump builds pressure so the engine may have enough fuel to start. If the plugs are fouled or don't provide enough spark to completely ignite the initial fuel with pressure, the engine will choke, backfire, and sputter until the pressure is stabilized. After the initial startup and the fuel pressure is stabilized, the plugs ignite the fuel enough for the engne to run smoother.

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It all depends on the quality of the video, (higher quality is smoother but takes more space) but you should be able to get at least a couple minutes.

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