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Why would your automatic transmission that has no other problems all of a sudden seem to shift into neutral at low speeds every once in a while?

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Check the fluid level, if that's not it, have the fluid and filter changed.

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How many speeds on a 1993 Nissan Maxima SE automatic transmission?

should be a 4 speed automatic

Are vac trucks automatic transmission or manual transmission?

Whatever the customer orders them to be. Most I've seen use an Allison automatic, but I've seen them with 8LLs and 10 speeds, as well.

What does it mean for Mercedes 300e the 4 matic transmission?

It has a four speed automatic transmission. At the time, most automatic transmissions only had three speeds. Bogus answer. 4-matic is all-wheel drive. Nothing to do with the transmission! And that is the correct answer

How many speeds does a 1992 Chevrolet Berretta GT have with a V6?

Which transmission? 3T40 automatic has 3. Getrag manual has 5.

What causes howl in an automatic transmission between 60kph and 80kph?

A howl in an automatic transmission between speeds of 60 kph and 80 kph could signal a problem with the fan belt. Another cause could be an issue with the torque converter.

How many speeds in the 89 Chrysler new yorker transmission?

The 3.0L V6 usually came paired with a 3 speed automatic.

What are the symptoms of automatic transmission failure?

I have a 1999 Dodge Caravan SE, While I am driving things are alright, but when slowing down to a stop the transmission downshift late. What causes thisand is there anything I should be concerned about. Recently, I put some more transmission fluid in . could I have overfilled it?This should help:Complete automatic transmission failure is obvious because the car will not move at all when shifted into forward or reverse. Usually the symptoms of impending automatic transmission failure are not quite as dramatic, and can be inspected by a mechanic to determine if the transmission needs replacing or if there is any chance the problem can be repaired.Delayed ShiftingOne common symptom of automatic transmission problems is delayed shifting when the vehicle is cold, particularly for reverse or first gear. Loss of One GearSometimes one gear will go out entirely while the others still function. If fourth or reverse gear fails, for instance, the vehicle at least can be driven to a shop. Unusual Shifting SpeedsShifting may take place at unusual speeds, earlier or later than it should. The speed where shifting takes place also may keep changing. Noise and JerkingAny noise while shifting is a symptom of automatic transmission failure, and so is rough, jerky shifting. Odd MovementIf the vehicle tries to move while in park or neutral, it most likely has automatic transmission failure. Shift Lever IssuesIf the shift lever is difficult to move, this indicates transmission problems as well.

When do you use L in an automatic transmission vehicle?

the best time to use it is in slippery weather... like snow or ice when driving at slow speeds

2000 jeep automatic is not shifting correctly after it gets hot why?

A 2000 Jeep automatic that is not shifting correctly after it gets hot might have something wrong with the speed sensor that is located in the transmission. The speed sensor tells the transmission what gear to shift into at certain speeds.

Do all sport motorcyles have manual transmission?

Yes. Some are 4 speeds some are 6 speeds but most are 5 speeds. I've had about 9 bikes in my life, met a lot of people with a lot of different bikes and never saw a racer with an automatic.

What is hydrostatic transmission?

In simple terms it is like an automatic transmission in a car. Your riding mowers will either have a hydrostatic or a (5, 6 or 7 etc..) speed transmission. As it sounds the 5, 6,or 7 speeds are like manual transmissions on cars.

Can you put a transmission from a 1992 Chevy Corsica into a 1995 Chevy Beretta?

Only the 5-speeds. You can't swap automatics without running into problems, and you can't swap an automatic for a 5-speed without modifying (and it will still throw an engine code afterward). A 1992 Corsica had a 3T40 automatic, and the 1995 Beretta had a 4T60E automatic. Your best bet is to swap in another 4T60E. It came in a lot of GM vehicles. Go to and enter "1995 Chevy Beretta automatic transmission" in the search for a list compatible transmissions and prices in your area.

What would cause a automatic transmission to slip in and out while driving down the road at norm speeds?

worn out trans most likely clutchs or oneway clutch <sprag>

Do 70 Chevelle ss come automatic?

Yes they did. Some with automatic and 4-speeds.

What if your car loses RPMs at 45 mph?

If your vehicle has an automatic transmission with overdrive, then at speeds above 45 mph, it should be in overdrive, which reduces engine RPM's to save fuel.

RPMs in a cadillac go up and down at high speed?

Your car most likely has an automatic transmission. If you're noticing the rpms going up and down it is because your automatic transmission is using its torque converter. it uses the torque converter to get the transmission up to speed with the engine and then it locks but when the torque gets to be too much for the engine it unlocks and speeds back up again.

What do d r n d 3 2 1 problem mean on a 1996 olds 98?

D=Drive, R=reverse, N=Neutral, 3, 2, & 1, are the speeds, or gears,of the transmission. So if there is a problem it is with the transmission.

Why does a 1993 escort wagon automatic transmission have trouble shifting at speeds below 30mph?

It could be a whole mess of things. But start with checking your transmission fluid. If it's looks dark or smells burnt, it needs a changing. If the fluid is fine, you should get it diagnosed by a transmission specialty shop.

Is this 1990 ford f150 a 4 or 5 speed serial number is 1ftef14n6lla58102?

For that model year, the automatic transmission had four speeds (although I believe they stopped putting the 'Overdrive' decal on their vehicles by that point, as it was standard), and the manual transmission was five speed.

Very slow or fast transmission speeds come from what combinations of hardware or software?

Very slow or fast transmission speeds become from what combinations of hardware and software?

Why does your 1989 Jeep Laredo Vibrate bad at highway speeds If you put the tranny in neutral it stopsso checked the driveshaft the universals are tight Please Help?

check your transmission mount for breaks or looseness

Why would your car feel like it shifting gears going down the high way but not in low speeds like in town?

Automatic transmission shifts can be related to fluid temperature and some vehicles also have sport style settings that can change shift quality. If the shifting is irregular and causing unusually high engine speeds this could be a symptom of transmission gear slippage. Gear slippage can result in transmission damage, and should be checked as soon as possible. Automatic transmissions are complex systems, and their overhaul/replacement can be very expensive repairs.

How many speeds does a 1987 harley transmission have?


Data transmission speeds are typically expressed as what?


How many speeds does a Chevy 305 transmission have?

A Chevy 305 is not a transmission it is a motor. If you mean a Chevy turbo 350 then the answer would be 3 different forward speeds and reverse.