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Why would your car make a squealing noise after the AC compressor or fice tub and accumulator were replaced?

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2005-05-08 20:48:59
2005-05-08 20:48:59

you should check the belts. Sounds like one is a little loose and slipping. or the system may be over-charged

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Was the proper amount fo oil installed in the compressor and accumulator when they were replaced? That is the reason ,I, as a repair shop owner will NOT use a remanufactured compressor.

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An accumulator does just that...accumulates liquid refrigerant to keep from flooding the expansion valve or compressor. It can also be used as a muffler on compressor noise.

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usually those high pitch squealing sounds are cause by a loose/slipping belt. just check the tension on your belts. the ac compressor and the alternator belt. also the ac compressor belt tensioner tends too rust and also make squealing noise. wd40

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