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Why would your car make a squealing noise after the AC compressor or fice tub and accumulator were replaced?

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you should check the belts. Sounds like one is a little loose and slipping. or the system may be over-charged

2005-05-08 20:48:59
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Why does the remanufactured air conditioning compressor on your 1992 Chevrolet Camaro make execessive noise?

Was the proper amount fo oil installed in the compressor and accumulator when they were replaced? That is the reason ,I, as a repair shop owner will NOT use a remanufactured compressor.

What is the purpose of an accumulator in air conditioning?

An accumulator does just that...accumulates liquid refrigerant to keep from flooding the expansion valve or compressor. It can also be used as a muffler on compressor noise.

What would cause a squealing noise when the ac is turned on?

check a/c compressor and belt.

You have an 93 caravan and you have a loud squeeling noise in the enginei thought it was the power steering pump so you replaced itthats not the problem it still squeals need help tks?

usually those high pitch squealing sounds are cause by a loose/slipping belt. just check the tension on your belts. the ac compressor and the alternator belt. also the ac compressor belt tensioner tends too rust and also make squealing noise. wd40

What causes a squealing noise when the air conditioner is turned on in your Suzuki Grand Vitara XL7?

Bad belt. Worn tensioner. Bad compressor.

Why is your car makes a squealing and or chirping noise when you drive?

most likely your airconditioner compressor has gone bad and needs to be replaced. you sould also check the tensioner pulley as the resister tab may have broken when the ac pulley seized up.

A squealing belt on a 2001 GMC sonoma?

A worn belt will cause a squealing noise. The squealing noise is caused when the belt slips. Tightening the belt will temporarily fix the problem.

What causes Squealing noise on a Nissan sentra when the ac is turned on?

Check for a slipping drive belt between encine crank pulley and AC compressor pulley.

2000 Chrysler Concord has noise had ac belt off no noise back on yes replaced ac compressor still noise Could it be the belt tensioner?


Why would there be a squealing noise only while driving after recharging the AC on a 1998 Nissan Altima?

the squeeling noise is from the fan belt either the belt needs renewing, or the a/c compressor clutch is not operating correctly

Just replaced front brakes and rotors should they be making a slight grinding or squealing noise at first until they wear in?

No! Something is wrong.

Why is F150 ac making a clicking noise when turn ac on?

the clutch on your A/C compressor needs to be replaced.

How can you make the belt on a 1994 gmc van quit making noise?

It depends on the noise. If it is a squealing noise it is probably a loose belt and needs to be replaced. Check the back of the belt if it is "glazed" meaning slippery and shiny then replace the belt.

What is the Squealing noise that comes and goes?

Its almost sounds like a dolphin noise.

Your ac compressor for your 1994 S10 Pick Up is making a squealing grinding noise you see metal shavings and sparks coming out near the clutch Do you need a new compressor?

Yes replace it using a qualified technician remember the ozone

Terrible noise coming from 2001Lincoln Town Car replaced Rear bags iThink its the compressor How Can you Know for sure?

If it has a fuse pull it out and see if your noise is still there.

Squealing noise in wheel when turning?

A Geo Metro is a front wheel drive vehicle. When a squealing noise occurs when the wheel is turning, it can be an indication of damage to the CV joints.

2000 Jeep Cherokee SE makes nosies when air conditioning is on. How do you fix it Plus you have already replaced the Poly rib belt and serpentine belt tensioner please help?

Have to determine what is causing noise - could be a bad compressor Have to determine what is causing noise - could be a bad compressor Have to determine what is causing noise - could be a bad compressor

What is pig squealing?

The noise a pig makes when it is angry or hurt.

AC compressor - clutch seems to be locking upmaking noise can only the clutch be replaced or does the entire Compressor need to be replaced?

If the AC pulley is locking up when the ac compressor clutch engages, it's not a clutch problem, it's a compressor problem. But yes, the AC clutch can usually be replaced separately. The problem is, if the clutch is worn out the compressor is probably worn out as well. It usually isn't that much more to replace the whole thing.

Car making squealing noise replaced the fan belt and tensioner still making the noise this is when idle but when car is moving sound is nonexistant?

It's going to be your radiator fan clutch. Mine was squealing for a while until finally it turned into clanging. It was pretty bad. I'm in the process now of replacing mine. That should be your next step.

Can the ac compressor clutch cause low engine idol if turning when ac is turned off?

Yes, if the compressor's bearings are bad, usually accompanied by a roaring or squealing noise coming from the compressor's pulley.

1997 Volvo 850 squealing noise right before coming to a complete stop no noise upon initial braking or after releasing brake?

Your brake pads may need to be replaced, or your rotors may be "Pitted" and may need to be "Turned"

What kind of noise does a mouse make?

clicking, squeaking, squealing, and scurrying

Why is my power steering making noise?

if the noise is a high pitched squealing noise, the belt is slipping....if the noise is a whine or growling noise, the pump is low on fluid or the pump is bad