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There's a 9 out of 10 chance that your oil pump is about to give up. If your oil pump is failing it means it's not getting enough oil to the sensitive parts of your engine. Most newer vehicles 1990+ have sensor lights which will indicate multiple possibilities of issues. For example this light may only mean your oil level is low or in your case it may be oil pressure. Check your oil level first, if it's low well I'm sure you know how to add some. If you find your vehicle uses a lot of oil it's high time to take it to a mechanic. This is even more important if it's the oil pump. If your oil pump fails, you can have all the oil in the oil pan and it's not going to make a difference, your cam and crank bearings will burn out, likely followed by the piston's seizing in the block and the rad cap blowing off its mount. a.k.a., time for the scrap heap. Replacing the oil pump is not an expensive fix but depending on the make and model can be tricky, but can add many years to the life of your vehicle. After it's fixed just be religious about changing your oil every 3500 miles (5000 Km). An ounce of prevention.....

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Q: Why would your oil light flicker on your 1993 Corolla but go away when you press on the gas?
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Possible alternator problem

What is the 'PS' light on dashbord in a Toyota Corolla?

I would assume it has something to do with your power steering.

Why would the battery light flicker when accelerating to 3000 rpm?

Sounds like the brushes are worn down in the alternator.

Why would the brake system warning light and discharge warning light in the dashboard of a 1990 corolla turn on and how is this fixed Tried everything as the manual explained?

...I have the exact same problem with my 1993 corolla.......Brake System warning light and discharge warning light

What would cause the lights to flicker when running on a 1986 celebrity?

If all of the lights flicker I would check for a loose or corroded ground. If only 1 light flickers then check to see if the bulb is properly plugged in to its socket, or if there is dirt, corrosion or rust causing a poor connection.

Why would a test light placed on the distributor side of the coil flicker when the engine is cranked?

It is normal. In order for you to create a spark, the coil has to open and close.

Why would a 97 Mazda 626 oil light flicker when the car comes to a complete stop and the oil is full?

Check the oil sending unit.

Why would the light under my hood flicker on and off periodically?

check your wireing for a short in it or make sure the socket isn't bad and the bulb is in tight

How would you fix the light that illuminates the tachometer on the dash of a 98 Corolla?

I think you have to take apart your dash, get a haynes manual or of the like.

Would a bad battery cable make engine light come on?

would a bad battery cable in a 95 toyota corolla make a engine come on?

What is the fuel tank size in a 2004 Toyota Corolla.?

My tank fills all the way to the brim at 14.25 (give or take .??) when the fuel light appears. I would imagine the total capacity would be a little over 15 gallons. Corolla S model

Why would the Overdrive Off warning light flicker in your 1987 Toyota Camry when the overdrive is on?

It shows that there is a problem with the transmission. Just like the check engine light, the overdrive light has codes that tell you what is wrong with the transmission and the various components connected with it.

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