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327 heads do not have the mounting holes like a 350. Alt, and a/c brackets although if you are not using serpetine pully's they have no problem going on a 350 I have a set on my 350 and it runs absolutely beautifully

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โˆ™ 2008-01-14 03:29:01
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Q: Will HP 327 heads work all right on a 350 motor?
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Will 327 heads work on a 350?

Yes they will.

Would 98 vortec 327 heads work on an 86 305?

yes the heads will bolt right on but if you are putting a 305 in there the flywheel is different in the sense that the 327 has a small hole where the flywheel meets the crank (you need the starter for the 305)

Will 327 heads improve the HP of a 350 motor?

not can have the 350 heads reworked for better performance. Besides, the 327 heads do not have the mounting holes for the alt. and other stuff that mounts to the front of the heads I tryed this on a race motor I built. The heads were just too small. ANSWER You can go to after market ex: Dart or whatever u want, have the cc you want for compression, valve size that u want ex: 202 intake, ported and polished. You will get top performance this way. Match the heads to the engine.

What is the purpose of 327 heads on a 350 motor?

Most people think that they gain more power from putting a 327 head on a 350. unless you get a head that is a high performance head you are not changing much.

Can i put 350 heads on a 327 block?

yes just get head gaskets for the 350 not the 327

What kind of heads does a Chevy Caprice have 5.7?


Does it increase power if you put 350 heads on a 327?


Last year for 327 motor?


Will a intake manifold for a 327 Chevy work on a 350 Chevy motor?

Yes it will as long as the 350 engine is not newer then a 1986

How much hp does a 327 with camel hump heads have?

It's hard to say they made different castings on the (double hump) heads but GM claimed from 300hp to 375hp for the 327 depending on the heads you should run the casting numbers to find out exactly what you have

What do the numbers and prefix in 327 Chevy mill mean?

You mean what does 327 mean? It's stands for 327 cu. inches. As in the displacement of a motor.

What is a 350 block bored 60 over 327 crank pop up heads and pistons called?

A 350 block with a 327 crank is called a 327. Bore it 60 over and it becomes a 337. Don't know what pop up heads are. Never heard of that.

Can Chevy 306 heads be used on a 327 Chevy engine?

Chevy didn't make a 306. A 302, 305, and 307, all of which will work just fine.

Is a 2000 silverado 5.3l a 327 or 350 motor?

The Chevy 350 is 5.7 liters the 327 is 5.3 liters

Can Chevy 305 heads be used on a 327 Chevy engine?

Yes, and well.

Is a 67 Chevelle 327 a non interference motor?


Will a Chevy 350 run well with 327 202 camel hump heads?

yes it will

Can a 350 tpi set up be used on a 327 with heads from a 86 350?


Can a 350 tpi set up be used on a 327 with heads for a 86 350?


Will a 1968 Chevy small block work in a 1989 Chevy 1500?

It will bolt right in, yes. However, you will have to defeat the OBD, which could get you into trouble with the "smog cops." And, I am not an automatic tranny expert, but, I think by defeating the OBD, you will have trouble with the trans, and lock up converter. Now, I know you can eliminate the lock up successfully, however, I think the trans is shifted electronically. A TH350 would work fine, though. I guess if you transfered the top end, heads, and up, from the 89 motor, to the 68 motor, you could eliminate all this trouble. The 68, is probably a 327, which would not run as well as a 350, especially in a truck. If you give a rebuilder both, your 89 motor, and the 68, the core values, if they are rebuildable, would be close to the price of a rebuilt 350, to put in your truck, which is what I would advise. The 68 motor has a value to the high performance guys. There werent too many 350's made in 68, and a 327, complete, rebuildable, is worth $500, or better, depending on which one it is, and what it is out of. And believe me, you would be happier with the right 350, in your truck, than with a 327.

Is a 327 motor good?

Yes it was a real good engine, and still is.

Do you have to replace a coil when replacing electroinic ignition in a 327 chevy motor?


How much horse power did a 327 small block make in 1968?

a stock 327? well did it have the 202 heads,was it 2 or 4 barrel,did it have the rochester fuel injection,the 327's ran from 250 to 375 horse,i'm guessing stock 68' 194 heads,4 barrel around 275 horse.

305 Chevy block with a 327 crankshaft stroker motor?

That would be a destroked motor, and would result in a 285.

What size motor is a 5.3L Chevy motor?

The 5.3L engine would equal aprox 327 cubic inches.