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not can have the 350 heads reworked for better performance. Besides, the 327 heads do not have the mounting holes for the alt. and other stuff that mounts to the front of the heads I tryed this on a race motor I built. The heads were just too small. ANSWER You can go to after market ex: Dart or whatever u want, have the cc you want for compression, valve size that u want ex: 202 intake, ported and polished. You will get top performance this way. Match the heads to the engine.

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Q: Will 327 heads improve the HP of a 350 motor?
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Will HP 327 heads work all right on a 350 motor?

327 heads do not have the mounting holes like a 350. Alt, and a/c brackets although if you are not using serpetine pully's they have no problem going on a 350 I have a set on my 350 and it runs absolutely beautifully

Can i put 350 heads on a 327 block?

yes just get head gaskets for the 350 not the 327

What is the purpose of 327 heads on a 350 motor?

Most people think that they gain more power from putting a 327 head on a 350. unless you get a head that is a high performance head you are not changing much.

Will 327 heads work on a 350?

Yes they will.

Does it increase power if you put 350 heads on a 327?


Is a 2000 silverado 5.3l a 327 or 350 motor?

The Chevy 350 is 5.7 liters the 327 is 5.3 liters

Can a 350 tpi set up be used on a 327 with heads from a 86 350?


Can a 350 tpi set up be used on a 327 with heads for a 86 350?


What is a 350 block bored 60 over 327 crank pop up heads and pistons called?

A 350 block with a 327 crank is called a 327. Bore it 60 over and it becomes a 337. Don't know what pop up heads are. Never heard of that.

Will a Chevy 350 run well with 327 202 camel hump heads?

yes it will

Chevy motor with casting numbers 3970010 a 327 or 350?

That should be a 4 bolt main 350

Will a 350 Chevy intake fit a 327 Chevy motor?

Yes it will, if the 350 intake is from a pre-1987 engine.

Is the block numbers on a 67 350 motor 3970010?

3970010 is a 327 in the years from 1967-1969 and 350 from 1976-1979

Will a intake manifold for a 327 Chevy work on a 350 Chevy motor?

Yes it will as long as the 350 engine is not newer then a 1986

What do you tork heads at on 350 motor?

65 FT. LBS

Will Chevy 97 305 vortex truck heads fit on a 93 350 truck motor or will there be any clearance problems with the pistons?

They are basically the same heads, If the 93 350 is a vortex motor.

Can you take heads an intake off an 1988 350 motor an put on a 1985 350 block?


What is faster a 327 or a 350?

That is a moot question because either motor can be built to be stronger than the other one. Stock motor verses stock mototr an older 327 will produce more horsepower unless you find a four bolt main 350 which is called the 350LT1

What size val is in a 350 stroker motor?

It depends on which heads whomever built the stroker motor decided to use.

A 350 small block with a 327 crank is what?


What size Chevy engine has casting number 3970010?

a 350 or 327 that is the question. A 350 or a 327

Will 350 vortec heads work on a sbc 350 engine?

the water jackets are different , the motor will keep running hot

How can you tell the difference between a 327 and a 350 engine?

Set the motor to TDC, pull the #1 spark plug, put a small wooden dowl rod in the cylinder, rotate the engine and measure the stroke. 3.25" = 327, 3.48" = 350

Will the intake off a 97 350 motor fit on a 88 motor?

No it will not. The bolt patteren is different on the intake and heads. Won't work.

Can you put 1993 Chevy 350 heads on a 1977 350?

Should bolt right up... that motor didn't change for 40 years.